Want to Work for an MNC: Do These 5 Things in 2020


Last year, giants in Cloud and IT companies made significant investments in their budgets to acquire Big Data companies, startups in analytics and AI and collaborated with leading online institutions that offer professional data science courses in these fields. One thing that made the most profound impact on the Data Science industry is the number of job applications received versus appointment letters delivered to fill data-related roles.

Astoundingly, the demand for data scientists and analysts has grown by 75% in the last 3 years; yet, the number of applicants has grown only by less than 10%. It’s hard to get a certified data science, and the companies know this hard fact.

This is your chance to break through the 10% ceiling and make your CV visible to the tech companies, mostly MNCs, and grab that wonderful role as a data scientist or AI engineer in 2020.

Start planning to do these10 things and try to master these:

#1 Identify the top data science Tools

Overall, data science is a very broad field. Many in the field attribute ‘programming’ and coding language as their starting point. A fair knowledge of programming languages, such as Java, C/C++, Python, and R is a good point to start with.

#2 Start Practicing with Various Tools used by Data Scientists

While every programming language could be on your plate to become a data scientist, top data analysts consider these tools to be necessary for an arsenal.

  • Apache Giraph
  • Hadoop
  • BigML
  • Apache Hive
  • Cascading
  • js
  • R
  • Scala

#3 Pay attention to Hard and Soft Skills

Data Science is a combination of hard and soft skills— such as applying Python and SQL learning via business, interpersonal and managerial skills.

#4 Teamwork is a success; Individual output is seldom credited

Unless you are planning to launch your software product or participate in a hackathon, you would be tested for your ability to work in a team of 5-10 data analysts, scientists, and programmers. A modern IT-focused data science team would have an average of 6 members, headed by a scientist or AI engineers.

#5 Enroll in a Data Science Course

A certified data scientist has a lot of options for working, but the credentials have to come from a very reputed and recognized data science course institute. By enrolling in a data science course in gurgaon, you would have the opportunity to automatically ‘tick” all the above-mentioned checklist points and expand your knowledge base.


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