Empowering the World Data Science Initiative

world data initiative

By 2022, the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) along with technical schools and thousands of universities across the globe initiates to build worldwide data science talent of approximately 250,000.

WDSI projects to grant more than USD 300 million subsidies to different institutions to obtain accreditation and help students get certified on an advanced level of vendor-neutral data science standards across the world.

The World Data Science Initiative is one of the world’s largest talent development project. It was barely three weeks since the development project was launched, in January 2020, and we have witnessed the registration of more than 30 higher-education institutions from over 23 countries projecting an interest of being a part of the WDSI worldwide network. Most of these institutions have set up data science excellence centers across their campuses known as “International Centers of Data Science.” These centers have been dedicated to offering global programs in varied streams of AI, machine learning, and data science.

Empowers data science educators from across the globe

WDSI aims to gather the world’s leading institutions – universities, technical schools, and education project bodies of the World Bank, the United Nations with relevant professors, researchers, education regulators, and data science educators. These groups along with individuals are looking forward to accelerating the development of data science talent, data science technologists, and data science professionals at a global level.

In the current era where data science emerged as one of the major drivers of businesses, nations will need more data science talents. The World Data Science Initiative is working toward a goal of developing global standards where institutions can join and benchmark their coursework, methodologies, and their approaches toward data science education.

The WDSI aims at helping engineering schools, business schools as well as universities in obtaining accreditation from global bodies. Few of the selected institutions get the opportunity to assist in setting up centers of excellence in data science. Besides this, institutions that are smaller in size get the advantage of becoming world-class education providers in data science. This happens when the institution offers programs on vendor-neutral knowledge frameworks.

These institutions tend to join such initiatives as a beneficiary of a grant or subsidies, thus, taking cover of about 40 – 70 percent of the cost of content, knowledge, and accreditation. WDSI thrives to provide your institution the opportunity to embrace the elite group of networks globally. WDSI aims to distribute as many data talents across 14 global regions, from data analysts to data engineers, and data scientists who have been trained under world-class vendor-neutral frameworks.

The world targeted numbers:

  • Entry, junior, and senior-level big data engineers. Big data application developers, and data technologists – 5 percent.
  • Data scientists, business intelligence experts, and data architects – 40 percent
  • Entry, junior, and senior-level big data analysts, business intelligence professionals – 55 percent

14 targeted regions by 2025:

  1. Western Europe
  2. Central Europe
  3. Eastern Europe
  4. Oceania and Australia
  5. South Asia
  6. East Asia and APAC
  7. West Asia
  8. Southern Africa
  9. Central Africa
  10. West Africa
  11. East Africa
  12. South America
  13. Central America
  14. North America

Data science: the need of the hour

Data science is critical for businesses today. It helps identify complex problems and facilitates decision making. And the World Data Science Initiative is working toward building a force of data science talent across the continent.

Businesses are filled with data allowing them to gain insights with proper analysis. With the help of data science, these businesses can unearth hidden patterns much efficiently. Companies can easily predict the success rate of their companies with the help of data science.

We all understand the impact of data science in businesses and how it plays a crucial role in solving complex problems. Data science talents are the future of the technology world. Thus, proper resources must be provided to help achieve their goal.



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