PMP is of the most sought after certification for project managers from recognized industries. This certification is administered by the prestigious Project Management Institute (PMI) USA. As various industries grow rapidly, so does the recruitment rate. Candidates from various ethnic backgrounds are hired and then divided into mixed, assigned with a specific task. The goal of these various groups is to work in sync to deliver the desired task. A project manager assigned to undertake one or more of these groups at a time and this task requires a set of specific skills.

Below are mentioned 5 steps to guide you to the PMP Certification:

1.TRAINING: Completing 35 hours of PMP training is the first step towards achieving the PMP certification. The three types of training formats available are: e-learning, virtual classroom training (in person), and classroom training (in person). If you wish to study at your own pace, the e-learning format is most flexible and economical. Candidates who cannot travel but require in-person sessions can opt for virtual classroom training. Candidates who can travel and have a flexible schedule can opt for classroom training sessions as they are more interactive. Either way, training from a well-known recognised trainer is a must for the PMP certification.

2.COST: The cost PMP training for e-learning or self-learning is about 7,000 INR, virtual classroom training costs nearly 12,000 INR and classroom training costs approximately 16,000 INR. Training prices vary drastically depending on the location and training institute. This is a smart investment to further your career with exceptional skills. Training and training material can cost over 40,000 INR depending on location and type of location. For candidates who are not able to clear the examination the first, can appear two more times for the examination with an additional fee. The PMP training fee also varies depending on the location on the mode of examination.

3.ELIGIBILITY: First and foremost candidates with a bachelor’s degree and/or school diploma must complete 35 hours of contact PMP training. For candidates with a 4-year college degree must have three years of project management experience, while candidates with a school diploma or associate’s degree must have five years of experience. 4,500 hours of leading and directing projects is also a must for graduates and 7,500 hours school diploma and associate’s degree holders. Having a bachelor’s degree and a PMI membership gives candidates a head start into the exam without real-time project management experience.

4.CONTINUING CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENT: Candidates who have successfully gained the PMP certification must renew it after every three years. This can be done by fulfilling certain activities to achieve Professional Development Units (PDUs). These development and learning activities allow candidates to be up-to-date with the latest educational and professional development. The CCR program enables candidates to hold the PMI certification value, achieve and record professional assignments, and recognise individual learning opportunities. The CCR program is made flexible to fit the needs of various candidates depending on their responsibilities in an organisation. The CCR program is a guiding system to help you gain PDUs to renew your PMP certification.

5.BENEFITS: An instant salary hike along with better job opportunities, growth and development are some of the benefits of a PMP certification. Handling tasks with confidence, the right tools and knowledge, excellent risk management skills, preference over non-PMPs, and a worldwide platform are guaranteed benefits of a PMP certification. Achieving a PMP certification makes candidates able to handle greater tasks with risks. The CCR program also helps in upgrading knowledge about latest organisational developments to help increase the productivity of the candidates. There is no scope for unemployment with a PMP certification, which means constant growth for the candidate.


The PMP certification exam can be gained by almost anyone who has fulfilled the eligibility criteria. The certification is a lifetime investment, which benefits you in numerous ways. Candidates looking to start a permanent career, change their career path or grow in their respective fields must gain the PMP certification. In today’s competitive and growing times it is important to stay one step ahead. The CCR program helps you to grow by learning new organisational techniques without having to quit your job or take extra classes.


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