Tips to Choose the Right Weight Lifting Belt


The best thing about working out and exercising is that there is no fixed routine or regime that is the best. Each person learns to find the right groove and customizes the routine to suit their needs. Even with the question of the right gym and workout equipment, it is entirely subjective. For example, there will always be an ongoing debate as to whether a weight lifting belt for women is worth it or not. However, you will never know until you try it. This blog will give you an overview of the different weightlifting belts for women so that you can make an informed decision.

Styles of Weight Lifting Belts

Before you go ahead and try and decide what belt you want, you need to do a little research to check all the different styles of lifting belt for women that are available in the market today. Here’s a brief look at some of the weight belts you can buy:

The Power Belt:

This sturdy weight lifting belt is 10 centimeters in width and is one of the most popular weightlifting belts for women. As the name itself suggests, if you are into powerlifting, then the power belt is the best option for you. The best thing about this belt is that the maximum surface area helps to push against in the front. It is important to get the right power belt because it protects against any back injuries that may occur during weight lifting.

The Lever Belt:

This weight lifting belt is the same size as the power belt (4” (10cm) in width throughout) and is basically just a variant of the power belt. The beauty of the lever belt is that it gives a tighter cinch as compared to the standard prong belt. The strap is specifically designed to provide a rigid level of support and can be used for both squatting and deadlifting. When you go in for a lever belt, you should try on different sizes so that you get the perfect custom fit.

The Training Belt:

This belt is a lot smaller than the lever belt and the power belt, but that does depend on the brand you buy. The training belt is only 4 inches or 6 inches in the back and then gently tapers to about two and a half inches in the front. If your exercise routine includes Olympic style training or bodybuilding, then the training belt is the perfect choice for you. This type of lifting belt for women is especially suitable for a CrossFit fitness regime that incorporates high-intensity interval training and other exercises.

The Bench Belt:

If you regularly include benching in your exercise routine, then the bench belt is an absolute must-have in your gym bag. Even though brand sizes may differ, the bench belt is a lifting belt for women that is around 2 or 3 inches in width. The unique quality of the bench belt is that it allows you to bench without hindering the arch of your body. In the weightlifting belt women’s category, the bench belt is popular among smaller athletes since it does not interfere with the ability to breathe.

Now that you have a general idea about the different styles of belts available, you can go online and search for the best weight lifting belt for women and get your workout going.