The prerequisites for working in the field of Artificial Intelligence


Strengthened by the developments in machine learning and the advent of deep neural networks artificial intelligence is at the peak of hype. Apparently everything from the educational tools down to the trimmers promises a touch of the AI. We are not going to talk about AI as an all-pervading power that can do anything you want to. That is a false statement and you should not believe it. It is true that neural networks have assisted some breakthroughs in areas like natural language processing and image analysis but we are still nowhere near machine reasoning. So, the first thing that you need to prepare for a journey into the world of AI is

An understanding of its limitations

The key for AI to truly come anywhere close to human intelligence is machine reasoning. There has been a lot of research in this path, right since the nineteen fifties. Sadly there has not been any real breakthrough. Reading the papers by the likes of Neuman and Turing can help you gain a philosophical understanding of AI and its limitations. Of course, you have to continue reading more well-cited papers. This will help you stay on the ground, moderate your goals, and make them achievable.

The math is just too important

The foundation of artificial intelligence is laid upon the principles of logic and mathematics. If you are looking forward to creating your own AI system there is scarcely a way around linear algebra, probability, and calculus. You will have the groundwork in mathematics done during your computer science degree. Do not bunk those math classes.

Setting an achievable goal

You need an AI project. A system of your creation. Not only will this help you acquire a job as an AI professional but it will also help strengthen your understanding of the principles. Finding out a simple problem and trying to formulate a solution with AI is what you need to do.

Database management

Understanding the flow of data in and out of the databases is important. You will be working on scores of gigabytes of data to train and test your algorithms. You may have to perform a data cleansing at any point. You can start with MS access and then approach more advanced systems like Oracle. Learning a query language can be helpful.

Programming languages

You are not going to work with a readymade interface that takes your command and suggests programs if you want to be an AI engineer. You will be programming AI systems. Hence, it is imperative that you choose a suitable language and sharpen your skills. You can start with C++, JavaScript, or work with Python or R, according to your comfort and requirement.

You can seek out an artificial intelligence course in India that helps you out with the prerequisites as well as provide you with the foundation of AI skills. In the end it is all up to you. These are new frontiers as far as the industry is concerned. Work hard, take your chances, and you will be through.



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