Cure of Lip Fungal Infection by Angular Cheilitis

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Different kinds of fungal infections often disrupt our health condition, by affecting various parts of our bodies, like hands, feet, nails, armpits, thighs, and lips. These infections are not fatal, but cause huge pain and discomfort for patients. Hence, a fast cure is essential to help these patients lead a normal life again as before. If lips are affected by a fungus, patients are more worried as their looks are hampered due to their disfigured lips. However, doctors recommend the use of a lips fungal infection cream as the best option for the speedy cure of this problem.

 Different facts to be known about Angular Cheilitis 

Angular Cheilitis is a variety of fungus that usually affects the tender skin of lips. It got its name due to the angular infection on the lip corners only, where the upper lip and lower lip meet. This fungus can infect one corner or both corners of your lips, making the lip skin cracked or scaly. The itching sensation and pain make it hard to speak or smile. This infection may spread to the oral cavity if you repeatedly lick your dry lips. You will feel a weird taste in the mouth along with a burning sensation, for which it will be difficult to eat properly, resulting in rapid weight loss. In severe cases of this fungal infection, swollen lip corners may start bleeding, making patients weaker.  Hence, doctors prescribe to apply an antifungal cream on lips from the initial stage, to avoid complications of symptoms.

Few home remedies for curing Angular Cheilitis  

  • Yogurt is known as a healthy food that is also useful in providing relief from fungal infection. The healthy bacteria present in the yogurt can cure lip infection to a great extent. You need to apply homemade curd on your lips and leave overnight. The regular intake of yogurt may also help in the treatment of this fungal infection.
  • Aloe vera is a natural product that is used as an ingredient in many cosmetic products. Apart from its healthy effect on the skin, aloe vera also acts as an antiseptic and antifungal material. Thus, you need to apply Aloe vera gel or fresh juice of Aloe vera leaves on your fungal infected lips. You need to cool this gel or juice before applying on your lips and leave for about half an hour. Twice or thrice application of Aloe vera every day is effective in curing the fungal infection.
  • Castor oil is useful in providing moisture to the fungal infected lips, to cure the dryness of your injured lips. You may also add tea tree oil to the castor oil, to reduce the pain caused by the fungus and also make the fungal treatment speedier. You should leave this oil mixture on your lips for at least half an hour before washing off with water.

Most effective treatment of Angular Cheilitis infection 

The use of a lip fungal infection cream is the best option recommended by every doctor for curing the infection caused by Angular Cheilitis. Though various antifungal creams are available, Ketomac antifungal cream is most popular in this regard.

You should be careful while undergoing the treatment with an antifungal cream on lips, by keeping the lips and oral cavity clean all the time.


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