Climbing the Career Ladder with Online HR Courses

certification courses in hr

If you have ever browsed through online hr certifications on globally-reputed portals such as HRCI, SHRM, TMI, or BHRC, and have bypassed the thought of acquiring one, maybe, it’s time to re-contemplate your thoughts. Starting out, or moving up the career ladder in the hr domain, has no longer remain the same it had been in the past. A huge competition has grown in the said sector on a global level in terms of bagging the coveted job roles.

With increased competition has come a bigger demand for skillset. And, hence the need for skill-specific professional hr credentials. A 2018 Payscale report said that 34% of all hr workers globally possess at least one hr certification.

Areas of increased spending in HR tech by organizations worldwide – 2019 

Professional HR Certifications Covering HR Tech Are Gaining Significance

With the sudden introduction of hr tech in corporate hr functions in the past couple of years, the need to grow familiarity with advanced hr tech skills has become a necessity in the current times to bag jobs concerning hr management. Especially, in the talent management sector, you have to be good at managing hr software that incorporates AI in their work.

A Statista survey said that investment in hr technology worldwide has increased substantially in 2019. The divisions within hr expected to see the highest amount of capital investment were talent management, in which, 59% of firms plan to invest, and HRMS, with 47% of organizations planning big spending into it. 

A Plethora of Benefits Associated with Certification Courses in HR

Career success of hr professionals is directly affected by the number of professional hr certifications, or credentials, an individual possesses during his lifetime career. The pay, too varies, basis the number of hr skills you possess, besides your basic educational degree in hr.

By being armed with a valuable hr credential, or more than one, you showcase more seriousness and dedication towards your career that recruiters recognize in no time and therefore prefer the certified individuals. Moreover, having cleared a certification examination in the recent past makes you aware of the latest strategy-skills and technology being exercised in the industry.

Pay Benefits Attached to Online HR Courses

A comparison of pay being studied under a Payscale survey showcased that, while in 2008, a certified hr professional was earning 17% more in compensation in comparison to his non-certified counterparts, the relative salary hike in 2018 went as high as 31.6%.

Further, if you are a working hr professional at the moment, and seeking a quick work promotion or job change, a skill-certification in hr can do wonders for you. Not only, you can move up the career ladder at a faster pace but can demand high remunerations from your prospective employers.

A recent study on receiving work promotions, when equipped with skill credentials, found that you are 29% more likely to be pushed up in the hierarchy chain as a certified professional, compared to your non-certified colleagues working in similar roles. 

Concluding Thoughts

Whether it’s about breaking into hr sector as a fresh graduate or seeking a career upliftment being an experienced professional, an hr certification earned online will certainly provide you with a competitive edge. And it is the competition in the global job markets that limits hundreds and thousands of hr professionals worldwide to move up in the hierarchy chains, each year.

So, why wait for long periods to rise high in your career when you can do it in quick time by enrolling online in a certification course in hr. Simply enroll yourself by registering online for a professional credential, and learn alongside pursuing your current job. Even the qualifying examinations can be taken online in the comfort of your respective homes. You are not needed to move out of your home during the entire process of credentialing.

Choose the skill within the hr domain that you want to master in, and elevate your professional career to newer heights.



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