Are You at Risk of Contracting Coronavirus If You Are Diabetic?


Since the beginning of 2020, people all over the world are battling against COVID-19, which is a new kind of corona virus that started from the city of Wuhan in China.

If we watch news from around the world, it is usually full of news of death due to COVID-19, which can easily make people feel depressed. Also, it has been found that people who are diabetic are particularly at a higher risk.

Although there is no direct connection between death from COVID-19 and diabetes however, the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) has reported following case-fatality rate for following pre-existing conditions:

  • For cardiovascular disease 10.5%
  • For diabetes 7.3%
  • For chronic respiratory problems 6.3%
  • For hypertension 6.0%
  • For cancer 5.6%

Looking at above, it is certainly a matter of concern for all diabetic patients. CDC has however asked everyone to wear mask and as result, there is a demand for large quantity masks in the market.

What is COVID-19?

As per the report of CDC, coronavirus is a larger family of viruses which is commonly found in animals, but rarely infect humans. However, during the end of last year, this virus was transmitted first time in humans in Wuhan, through seafood and animals.

After that, the virus has travelled all over the world through human to human and now it has become the worst pandemic of this century.

Healthcare professionals all over the world are struggling to treat their patients and they are using test kit to identify COVID-19.

Only right vaccine can save us to get rid of this pandemic and it may take about a year or so to develop a suitable vaccine for this virus.

Coronavirus risk for diabetes patient

As we have mentioned that JAMA has indicated that diabetic patients are comparatively at greater risk from COVID-19 and therefore ADA (American Diabetic Association) has asked particularly the diabetic patients to strictly follow the instructions of CDC.

As a matter of fact, diabetic patients are already at greater risk from influenza, pneumonia now another thing added i.e. COVID-19.

Following are the recommendation of CDC for COVD-19 protection that everyone must follow:

  • Maintaining social distance by remaining minimum distance of six feet
  • Regular washing of hands by using soap and water at least for 20 seconds
  • One should be up-to-date with vaccination of flu and pneumonia
  • Also, keep your hands further away from nose, mouth and eyes.

As far as face mask is concerned, CDC has made slight change. One can now wear any kind of cloth masks, that can even be home-made too. One should wear such masks while moving with community, where social distancing is a difficult to maintain.

Additional precautions for diabetic patients   

In addition to the above, diabetic patients must follow these additional precautions:

  • Be very compulsive about washing hands
  • Be very alert about people who are coughing or sneezing
  • Humid environment is better. Use humidifier if you are living in an area where climate is too dry
  • Manage your glucose level judiciously.

If your sugar level is uncontrolled then it may take little longer to recover, if ever any diabatic patient is caught with COVID-19.


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