Golden Rules to Follow While Voyaging Abroad


One of the best things about traveling is that it presents you with a chance to broaden your horizons. As you meet new people coming from different cultures, you get to know how you can tackle the various problems of your life. Travelling is also a wonderful opportunity to boost your social as well as communication skills.

At the same time, there are certain etiquettes to follow while you are traveling internationally, as you would also be representing your home country. Any undesirable activities can tarnish the images of both you and your nation you are coming from. So, let’s discuss some concerning areas to know about before traveling.

Dress Modestly if the Place Demands 

If you are traveling in a conservative country, you should definitely respect their culture. Dress as close as possible to the locals, there to show that you are considerate of their place as well as the nation. For example, if you are a woman and you are traveling to a country like Morocco, it is recommended to wear a headscarf while entering a mosque(though many mosques are closed to non-muslims). A simple google search before traveling to a country shall tell you about the dress codes to follow.

Be Polite 

Being rude is the last thing you want to do when you are traveling abroad. You should not lose your temper for small things as it can leave a highly bad impression. Say if you are at a restaurant, and you don’t really like the food, you can take a small bite and finish it off right there. This behavior is far more gentle than shouting or walking away rudely. Be polite in your interactions, and you will soon see the locals reciprocating in the same fashion.

Try to Translate if Possible        

It is not necessary to completely learn the language of a country before visiting there. But it is advisable to have some knowledge of it that will help you to sail through your trip. Learning how to greet in the native language of a country would be a sweet gesture you can give to the locals there. Today, google translate has become a boon for travelers as they can communicate easily and get all the things they desire in a foreign place.

Ask Permission Before a Selfie With Locals

Clicking a selfie with the locals without asking permission can be highly impolite. Not all people are outgoing in nature, and some can be highly offended if you take a photo of theirs without asking them. You might lose your perfect shot, but it is always valuable to be on the safer side, consider the fact that you are a foreigner there. In almost any language, simply smiling and pointing at your camera conveys the request. If you don’t get the answer, don’t take the photo.

Be Aware of Smoking Rules

Being unaware of the local laws and regulations of smoking in a place can be highly dangerous. Never smoke in public transport as it is a no-smoking zone for all the countries. Also, do not blow out the clouds in someone’s face if they are standing beside you while you are smoking. It can be highly disrespectful and can even trigger a serious reaction from the person. Also, if you are into e-cigarettes, there are certain tips related to vaping while you are traveling. So, be mindful of the e-cig usage rules the respective country has set for vaping to have a pleasant time with your journey.

Haggle Only When It Is Appropriate

Bargaining is a common thing in street markets all around the world. In some places, it is part of the culture too. However, when haggling is done disrespectfully, it can frustrate the seller. It is never advised to bargain in a standard brick and mortar store. Sometimes the sellers won’t negotiate the price just because you are a tourist. It is also a fact that in many countries, its citizens earn their revenues from the tourism sector. So, before you get down to bargaining at a place, research about it thoroughly either on the internet or from the locals there you know.

Do Not Ever Litter

No country on this earth likes a tourist who is littering around. Also, throwing things on the road while traveling can be more than a rude gesture. Always use the dust bin and if possible, carry a trash bag with you when you travel. It can be a plastic bag, a cloth bag, or even a paper bag. Talking about the dust bin, certain countries have public bins that are sorted as per the types of waste you can deposit. Do read the signs and stick to their guidelines.

Final Say

Above discussed some etiquettes and guidelines will not only help the travelers to avoid hassles but also to enjoy their trip fully. Also by staying aware of these small things, you can truly make the journey memorable.

Good luck and bon voyage!



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