5 MostAstonishing uses Of Commercial Robots


A robot is an automated machine that automatically performs repetitive and complex tasks.

Commercial robots are mostly computer programmed but can be controlled by an external control device, or this control may be fixed within.

These brilliant machines are designed to help you perform your daily tasks and keep you safe at all costs.

Commercial Robots also known as Industrial robots are universal today and are used to do jobs more accurately, more cheaply, and more reliably than human beings.  They do tasks that are dangerous, too dirty, or too strenuous to be handled by humans.

Commercial robots are now indispensable elements in today’s business world. Research has proved that plenty of businesses, both large and small, heavily depend on industrial robots to perform various tasks, from basic and simple ones to dangerous and dirty ones.

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Below are the five uses of commercial robots.

 In Marketing

Because of tremendous advancement in technology, industries use commercial robots for advertising their services and products to consumers. Tech companies make robotic machines that reveal new designs and inventions and demonstrate the progress made in innovation.

In the marketing industry, robots are used as part of collective displays like the ones you may have seen in trade shows where these commercial robots challenge the conventional tools to get the awareness of the guests.

In the Manufacturing Industries.

Commercial robots are widely used in product manufacturing industries. They are heavily relied on to lift massive objects and place them at a designated place. They can also be used to weld, to assemble and can also be of great help in sorting the products. These robots thrive in speed and precision, thus making them more efficient than human employees.

Because of their immeasurable strength, you can depend on these commercial robots to carry out tasks that demand swiftness and consistency. They cut accident occurrence by more than half because they perform the most dangerous of jobs; thus, human lives are spared.

In the entertainment Industry

Different types of commercial robots are suitable for the entertainment industry, created with a sole aim to entertain the spectators.  These robots are strategically placed at parks and at storefronts to perform robotic displays and entertain the masses.  You’ll also find them in Television programs and films.

Amazingly some of these commercial robots are humanoids and others are fictional designed from fairy tales. Industrial robots populate some fictional movies and feature scenes that are unsafe for ordinary human beings.

 In Telecommunication

A great telecommunications framework is very critical for every company as it is what allows the companies to communicate with their consumer and their suppliers. Evolution in robotic technology has enabled machines to make it easier for the company’s call center by handling internet traffic as well as incoming calls hence enabling communication channels to remain open and run smoothly.

Telecommunication robots are programmed to include appointment reminders, make prerecorded calls, and also perform customer satisfaction surveys.

 In Inventory

Many business establishments such as Retailers, wholesalers, distributors, factories and warehouses implement the usage of various types of inventory management robots to perform different functions. For instance, Amazon uses a floor-based robot that recognizes, picks, sorts and moves inventory for distribution based on the given orders.

Some of these establishments use scanning robots to locate misplaced items by scrutinizing aisles to check stock levels and correct wrong commodities pricing.

You see, Commercial robots help to ensure the efficient running of a company and increase overall productivity in many ways. The company will only hire professionals because those employees who perform basic and repetitive tasks will quickly be replaced by commercial robots


Given the aggressive rate at which the technology is growing, all major business establishments such as factories, warehouses, retailers, wholesalers, and distributors must keep up with the dynamics of change and embrace the new technology in their organizations.

These establishments must arm themselves with commercial robots and forget about incompetency and low productivity forever.  Though there’ll be a loss of entry-level jobs, the companies will be able to create better-paying jobs and more challenging tasks.


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