How to Stop Being Socially Awkward and Start Shining at Work


Some things that make you a socially awkward person include shyness, anxiety, feelings of insecurity, fear of rejection, feelings of social weakness, and inability to communicate freely with people. If you feel all these when you’re in public, read on, we have something for you. Accroding to, social awkwardness can destroy people’s relationships with friends and colleagues. So if you’re socially awkward, you must make efforts to change into a shining person. Here are the things you should do to stop being socially awkward:

1. Shift Your Mindset

Desist from viewing yourself as an awkward person. Possibly, others don’t even view you that way. The way you think others view you will certainly reflect in the ways you act. If you believe that people think you’re socially awkward, you’ll act awkward indeed. So you should change your mindset to a positive one. Start to see yourself as a confident person.

2. Ask Yourself ‘Why?’

You must know why you have awkward feelings. Is it because you are comparing yourself to others? Whatever reasons you get, try to discuss it with a trusted friend, and find solutions to shake it off.

3. Notice and Regulate Your Emotions

Always observe your emotional responses to situations and start adjusting them, so you feel less socially awkward. You can make the adjustments on your own, but we recommend that you discuss it with a trusted friend or a professional coach.

4. Focus on the Other Person

You’ll only be stressing yourself if you attempt to know what people think about you. Instead of stressing yourself on something that’s not necessary, focus on people. Put your phone aside and let them have your full attention. Feel free and ask them many questions.

5. Listen

It sounds very simple, but many people are bad listeners. On several occasions, people pay partial attention. It’s common for people to multitask on their phones when they ought to be listening. Whenever someone is talking to you, you should listen to them actively. Look at them and respond appropriately. Poor listening skills will make you look awkward, so you must develop excellent listening skills.

6. Focus on Growing and Learning

Always look for opportunities to learn new things from every situation. For instance, if you don’t like attending meetings, try to see something that you can learn when you attend meetings. Once you get something positive that you can learn, focus on that thing. That will help you to negate the social awkwardness that you feel at meetings.

7. Fake It Until You Make It

How you look affects how you feel, and your feelings control your behaviour. Dress like a confident person. If you show up at the office looking smart, your co-workers will perceive you differently, and your confidence will come up. If you keep this up for some time, you’ll stop being awkward.


Start applying all the tips you’ve learnt from here. They will assist you to stop being socially awkward, and you can start to make more friends and participate actively in meetings. Remember to practice them daily until you become very comfortable around people.


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