Alexa controlled air Freshener


Intro:- Here,one more one of biggest company comes to the market with a ultimate voice command device. A voice assistant which follows your questions and reply to it.Its a cloud based technology which helps you to entertain by playing music, add on shopping list,alarms and many more. Download Alexa App

its compatible with many other devices like roku,bluetooth speaker,sonos devices and all. This makes your other devices more smarter and gives you a quality life experience. Lights up your home with smart switches by enabling skills on alexa.

Start downloading the application for your windows, mac and android device.

Alexa Features:- A quality life has been offered to you by alexa. You can enable skills to moderate your living and making things simple. Tasks given to Alexa will be completed easily by it. Some of these features we will mention here:-

-Find a resturant nearby

-get health tips

-Book a Dr.’s appointment

-will help you to control smart devices like vacuum,switch etc.

-helps ou to pay bills online through app

-You can place an order online

-easily tracking of packages

-make calls to family and friends

-gives weather report

Pocket Friendly Devices: 

Alexa has different products in different categaries like Echo,echo dot,echo plus,tap and more.So,just make up you mind and make a choice. Alexa App

Echo Dot-The smallest alexa product is echo dot,its 3 inches tall with 0.6 speaker.You can add it in any room.

Echo-Echo is Bigger in size if compare to dot.Its like 6 incehs tall and 821 grams. You can make free audio calls in US,Mexico and Canada.

Echo Plus:-The tallest one is echo plus.Its built in hub and makes simple control on smart home devices. Its 12 inchs and 954 grams in weight.

Echo spot:- Spot has a stylish screen on it.Its 2.5 inch in screen.You can play videos on it.This one too controls smart home devices.You can stream wifi music by connecting your pandora or spotify accont.

Echo show:-Show is designed for visuals and sound. It has a 2.0 speaker and a wide screen 7.0 inchs .yo can play music,watch videos. its compatible with blutooth only. its almost 1170 grams in weight.

Connect Your alexa:-To make your alexa work you can download the alexa app from play store for android. For Windows or Mac computer you can sign in alexa account and connect your alexa to wifi.

Alexa’s Campatibility: It has a wide range as you can connect your different devices to it such as Security camera,Bluetooth speaker,smart switches,security locks and many more.

Frequent Issues Faced by customer:-

Cant enable skills

Cant play music

No lights

Cant connect to wifi

Forgot Password

login Problem

Connecting other devices to alexa

Synk phone contacts to alexa for calling

Alexa gives wrong time

Prime account issue on alexa