Importance of Blockchain Technology in Defense Arena

blockchain technology

The industrial applications of blockchain technology are expanding as business leaders realize the impact of the technology. It is used in several industries for many purposes. To mention a few, the industries where blockchain has got imbibed include supply chain management, banking, insurance, logistics, social media marketing, manufacturing, healthcare, defense, and aviation industry.

This article emphasizes more on blockchain technology implications in the defense arena.

A few of the drivers toward this government’s defense arena include –

  • Decentralized digital ledger for data storage and sharing
  • Transparent supply chain data
  • Improved experience
  • Increased transparency
  • Traceability of operations
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Decreased transactional complexities

With these simple security, transparency, and efficiency features, the military forces are bringing blockchain technology into their realm at a faster rate. To mention a few, they include –

  1. The South Korean Military Manpower Administration got partnered with Raonsecure. Raonsecure is an ICT security software company in Korea. The software company will provide a blockchain-based biometric ID and authentic solution for the military force.
  2. The United States Air Force (USAF) has a multitude of data sources such as planes, drones, satellites, and more to get secured. Clean, consolidated data and encrypted communication are the top priorities for the USAF. Recently, Free won the contract from the USAF to provide command and control communication systems using blockchain.

 “The Fluree solution leverages a blockchain architecture for security while supporting the storage of large data volumes following FAIR data principles in the integrated graph database,” said Platz, co-CEO of Fluree.

Further, the USAF has contracted Xage to secure its Internet of Things (IoT) and other military devices.

Let’s get into the detailed use cases of blockchain in the defense arena.

Impact of blockchain applications in the defense arena: Use cases

The major influence of the blockchain industry in the defense sector is as briefed below.

In defense shipment and contract

Blockchain can be used to trace fiscal accountability and secure supply chain management tools. An accountable shipment might end up with lethal weapons on the bad guys’ hands. The blockchain engineers are innovating supply chain platforms that can effectively trace the weapons and other essential items leading to defense at home and abroad as well.

In cyberwar defense

Cyberwarfare is a daunting problem across countries. It could be related to the protection of power grids, computer systems, closure of vulnerable networks, creation of all-encompassing defenses, and many more. The blockchain technology seems to be promising in alerting the in-charge security, provide decentralized infrastructure, and limit the damage incurrence.

The defense force is experimenting with the ways to detect and block penetrative attempts with the help of blockchain industry experts. Blockchain implementation might disrupt or eradicate records related to military transactions.

In the weapon system

It is critical to preserve the integrity of the underlying computing and capabilities of weapon systems in the defense zone. The blueprints must not fall into enemies’ hands. The centralized nature of weapon systems poses a threat of getting hacked. With blockchain-level of security, the military weapon systems and its related critical data can get insulated from outside threats.


To conclude, blockchain technology is used in various industrial applications including government projects. If you want to make your career in blockchain, get certified to become a blockchain engineer and bag the most in-demand blockchain technology jobs of the decade.


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