Advantages of G Suite over Office 365 – Choose the Best One

advantages of using G Suite

Nowadays using the G Suite over the other cloud productivity suites is at hype on the internet. It is one of the trending search queries that users type on Google. People want to know what are the advantages of G Suite over office 365. Mostly this question is asked particularly by Startup, New Business comers, Students, etc. Basically, there are various reasons for this & we have covered them in this blog.

advantages of g suite over office 365

Some important facts: The figure says that G Suite had 4 million paying businesses & 70 million G Suite for education users. While, on the other side, 155 Million users are using Office 365.

But time is changing now, the users are more interested in using Google Suite because of its multiple advantages. It is easy to use interface and configure. It provides many things and the people can use it without any restrictions.

But the main question is why G Suite is better than Office 365 or what are the benefits of using G Suite? One of the reasons is that Google Suite comes before O365. Many people are familiar with it. Then they don’t want to change their working platform because people get used to it and this might be one of the causes.

G Suite is a type of Business Productivity, Brand and Software Suite which is developed by Google Cloud. It consists of Gmail, Hangout, Calendar, and Currents for Communications and there are many more applications that it provides.

O365 is subscription-based & people can easily access it remotely. It provides Outlook, SharePoint, Exchange Server, Yammer, MyAnalytics, OneDrive, Skype for Business, etc.

Below we have mentioned different advantages of G Suite over Office 365. So go through it clearly.

Advantages or Benefits of G Suite Over MS O365

1. If the user upgrades the G Suite plan then user don’t have to move data which not the same case with O365

2. G Suite has a user-friendly interface.

3. Better apps collaborations.

4. The pricing of Google Suite is cheaper than Office 365.

5. It is focused on easy sharing and communications.

6. Provides high storage service according to the plans

7. Speed of G Suite is better than O365 in terms of file sending or receiving

8. G Suite is easy to set up & can be managed without any help

Note: There are more benefits but these are the major ones that tell you the advantages of G Suite over Office 365.

Big Question?

Now you all know about the benefits of Google Suite over O365 but knowing advantage will not help until you don’t know the correct way to migrate it?

Solution: One of the best methods is to use Office 365 to G Suite Migrator by SysTools. With this software, users can easily do the data migration from Office 365 to G Suite.

Features of Office 365 to G Suite Migration

  • Delta Migration is a special feature that provides only newly arrived data.
  • Email, Calendar, Contact, and Document can be move from Office 365 mailbox.
  • In a single shot, it can migrate multiple Office 365 mailboxes to Google Apps.
  • It gives a priority feature for an early migration of specific user data.
  • People can specifically select the multiple filter option for data migration.
  • This software is compatible with all Windows Operating System versions.
  • Summary and Detailed report will be provided when the data is import.
  • You can check the real-time progress status of your data.

Steps to Move from O365 to Google Suite

Step 1. Download the Software and Run Office 365 to Google Apps migration tool

advantages of g suite over office 365

Step 2. Enter the credentials of Admin accounts.


Step 3. Choose the categories and Click on the date filter for specific migration


Step 4. For the source and destination, user mapping selects the destination mailbox email address.

migration start

Bottom Line..

If you are running a small business & want to know which cloud productivity suite is suitable either G Suite or O365. Then, to resolve such a problem we have provided the best solution. However, there are various advantages of G Suite over Office 365 that we have covered in this blog. Along with this, we have also described the migration process for Office 365 to the G Suite platform.