How To Create A Just Leave Policy?

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As an HR manager, the one thing that is always running on your mind is how to keep employees loyal, motivated and productive. Because you stay quite strangled in Payroll management software in India, you might be trying to suffice with treats, gifts, and celebrations. However, while they may give you a short term benefit, in the long run, the chances of this working in your favor are futile. What actually works, in the long run, is giving your employees the work-life balance they seek.

The leave policy at your workplace is quintessential in assuring the achievement of work-life balance. So, in this post, we tell you the ways to create an ideal leave policy.

Types of leaves 

The leaves can be categorized into three types.

  • Fixed number of leaves which are credited on a fixed date of the year
  • A set amount of leaves for a weekly/monthly basis
  • Unlimited number of leaves

How to choose the leave type for your company?

You cannot have all three types of leaves in your organization. So, it is essential for you to choose the best leave type for your organization. Even though if you keep employee’s interest at par, the unlimited leave policy would seem to be the best, it is not. The best bet is to credit a fixed number of paid leaves at the start or end of every month.

Should you create leave categories? 

Employees can take leaves due to different personal reason and that is why it is necessary to factor in all of these. The major reasons are illness, personal emergencies, maternity leaves, and vacations. There should be a number allotted for all of these. The casual, sick leaves and earned leaves are the most important ones that must be categorized in the payroll and attendance management software in India to stay compliant.

How to decide the number of leaves for every leave category? 

It is pivotal to understand the leave categories and the justified number that should be granted by you to the employees. Decided by State’s Shop and Establishments Act, the Privileged and Casual leave number is decided by the state your premise is in.

How to manage leave applications?

Managing leave applications can become quite perplexing. However, by using the tips mentioned below, you can easily do so.

  • Announce a set process for applications.
  • Encourage the employees to take planned leaves so that the work is adjusted accordingly.
  • Tell the employee politely why you cannot approve a particular leave, they have applied for.
  • Create a leave approval path so that the burden doesn’t go on one person. You can direct the leave approval process directly to the manager of every department or the reporting manager and then the manager.
  • Make sure you track leave applications properly. The best way to do so is to use payroll software. If you are not using one already, you should search “Payroll management software India” and buy one for your company. This will reduce dependency and increase transparency.