How to Configure New-Extender Setup for the Best Signal?


WiFi extenders are more affordable, but still, new-extender setup is a burning question all around the globe. Here are some best tips to place your WiFi extender to enhance your home WiFi network’s reach in every corner of your house.

While your typical home WiFi router generally has enough reach to fill a small house or an apartment with WiFi network. It does not have enough range to cover a larger home.

Using a WiFi range extender helps to fill the network WiFi gaps. WiFi extender receives the signal from your home WiFi router and re-transmits it back to the area where you have less to WiFi signals.

WiFi extenders aka WiFi boosters are cheaper and easier to use, they still can be tricky to set up. Here are five tricks for WiFi range extenders that will help you to place it in the right place.

Placement, Position, Orientation

Where you place the extender is key to success, so be ready to move your WiFi range extender around if the results are not appreciable. Start with the dead zones and AC outlets.

Look for an electric power outlet that’s roughly present halfway between the WiFi router and where you the extender signals to reach. Plug-in the range extender and visit my-wifiext local to configure the device. Once it’s set up, go to the dead zone and see if it’s enlivened with WiFi.

Hide & Seek

If you are not able to find the best location for your WiFi extender, you might need to use an extension cord to get the WiFi extender to where it works fine. Try to place your extender on the top of an armoire or top of a bookshelf.

If the range extender has an adjustable antenna, you can reposition them to find the best WiFi signal. If your wireless range extender has removable antennas, then you might replace them with some higher gain or amplified antennas to boost up the network range.

Upstairs or Downstairs

If you have a single-floor apartment, you should be home-free. However, during new-extender setup on the above floor or below the router location like a basement, you need to take account of the extra height. But before placing, configure your WiFi range extender near to your home WiFi router. Visit login page and configure the range extender.

Obstacles present in the Way

While picking up your WiFi extender’s location, try to avoid reflecting objects like mirrors or large objects of metal-like walls, gates, doors, etc. Another big disrupt of WiFi range extenders are radio-frequency signals from cordless phones, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.

The Name Speaks

When setting up the range extender via visiting my-wifiext you have to keep the same network name and passphrase key or try a different one. Using the same log-in credentials allows you to roam in-between your router and extender without re-logging in again and again.

This is our short article on new-extender setup. We hope it will help you well. If still, you have some query feel free to share with us through comments.