SEO Best Practices 2019 – Top Three Trends


To make the web experience even better and secure, leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are giving vigorous effort these days. These days they tend to address the direct queries of the visitors.

However, if you own a website, these trends will significantly affect your visibility on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). For this reason, you always need to stay updated with your Search Engine Optimization strategies. Before you book SEO packages Melbourne or in any corner of the globe, consider checking the best practices for the same. Let’s delve into this post now get to know more on the same!!

SEO 2019- What’s In??

The trends of SEO evolve every day, and the algorithms of search engines get updated frequently. Based on this, let’s check out the latest trends that can help in awarding your webpage with a better ranking. After all, there’s no use of digital presence if your digital face appears on the inner pages of the leading search engine!

1.      Content is Still Ruling over the Reign

Content plays a huge role when it comes to availing an incredible search engine ranking. Do we know, more than 95% visitor turn into potential customers after checking out the contents of the websites? Moreover, among them, 75% results in conversion.

Hopefully, this trend is going to remain unchanged in the coming year as well. So, it’s worth developing a smart and competitive content development strategy. Use of unique texts, eye-catchy and realistic images and graphics along with relevant keyword placement enhance the value of the website content.

Naturally, the search engine crawlers find them quickly, and your business website experiences the flood of organic traffic.

  1.      Responsive Websites are Always Good Players

In this era of agility, mobile devices have gained tremendous popularity. Visitors prefer to access sites from their mobile since it offers the maximum convenience. This makes the responsive design an essential contributor to the SEO parameters.

Google enlisted this in its ranking factor in the year 2017 and updated the acceleration in 2018. As per the sources, they have the plan of updating this factor in the coming days. So, while developing your SEO strategy, don’t forget to focus on developing a responsive website. Your visitor should access it easily from any of their devices.

3.      Links are Not Dead!

Are you one of them who think that backlinks have lost its effectiveness? Well, come out of this misconception today!! Backlinks still an important ranking factor.

Search engine crawlers like the backlinks and developing quality contents and linking them adds value! So, keep this in mind while going for web design Melbourne or anywhere across the globe will help!!

Hope this post helps! Apart from considering these factors, you should also select the right website designing agency with considerable reputation and experience. This will help in experiencing the best results out of getting a website designed.