Learn about the benefits that inserting an online appointment system can bring to your salon


The scheduling process is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any service activity for the general public. It directly interferes with the quantity and quality of care provided in your business. Therefore, investing in scheduling optimization such as  scheduling software is investing in the success of your salon or barber shop.

Although still very popular, physical scheduling and phone usage are falling out of favor. This is due to the acceleration of digital inclusion processes, popularization of smartphones and expansion of mobile internet networks.

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So it’s no more natural for service companies to offer online scheduling as an option to their salon or barber shop customers. After all, they are increasingly looking for practicality and agility when performing simple tasks. Here are some benefits that deploying an online appointment system can bring to your salon.

Save time, money and work by scheduling online at your salon or barber shop

The online scheduling system, in the first place, is far more agile and secure than traditional scheduling. Incidentally, the latter presents greater risk of overbooking, error in customer data and queues. In addition, they require employees to devote valuable time to this role. By purchasing an online scheduling system for your salon or barber shop, you reduce risk and streamline the process. And it will also be facilitating the administrative scheme of your business.

This software reduces the frequency and need for employees to answer the phone and manually manage the salon schedule.

In addition, scheduling systems are simple and can be used by anyone. Which makes the process more convenient for both customers and employees of your business. Its purpose, then, will be to unify in one place all stages of care, organizing the agenda of professionals without taking up space.

Higher availability = increased demand

In traditional systems, someone needs to be available for a certain period of time to manually record demands. This causes them to accumulate due to the employee’s opening hours or daily availability. With an online scheduling system, customers can make time reservations at any time of day. This disconnects the completion of the schedule from the salon opening hours.

Thus, that customer who, for example, would not be able to schedule a time because he could not make a call, could do so through the online system. In addition, from this opening, your business can easily experience an increase in demand for appointments.

Organization of demands

By adopting the online scheduling system, your business will surely come out ahead of the competition. As much for offering this convenience to customers as for having a fast and “invisible” organization of the scheduling processes. With the adoption of the system, it is possible to prevent professionals from mixing schedules. What’s more, it allows them to consult at any time of the day what activities will be part of their routine that day. This makes everyone’s life more practical and organized.

In addition, the scheduling system enables all appointments to be stored in an organized and space-free manner. Everything is just a click away from everyone involved in salon management and care. Managers can even access history and report on their business activity as needed.