Why Cloud Computing Services Are Good For Your Business?

Cloud computing services

Organizations all across the world are rapidly incorporating cloud computing services. From small to medium to large organizations, most of the businesses are planning to increase their spending on the cloud. So, what is the reason behind this sudden increase in interest in cloud computing? With the exponential increase in data usage, it is becoming difficult to keep all the vital information, programs and systems up and running 24*7. Cloud computing services improve operations and customer support while saving on costs and enabling employees to work remotely.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is majorly utilized in Information Technology (IT). Cloud computing is a process of delivering/enabling scalable, expandable and almost perfectly elastic software services using Internet technologies. It operates over the Internet or dedicated network where it delivers compute power, databases, storage, applications and other IT resources. Cloud computing services work with pay-as-you-go pricing. It ranges from full applications and development platforms, servers, storage, and virtual desktops.

With cloud computing services, businesses need not make large upfront investments in hardware; instead, they can provide exactly the right type and size of computing resources that can operate the IT department of their organization.

Types of Cloud Computing Services:

There are three most commonly utilized and widely known cloud computing services:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS):

Software as a Service is the most widely known form of cloud computing, especially for small businesses. It is a method of delivering software applications over the Internet, where the software application host controls and maintains the application and its underlying infrastructure such as software upgrades, security patching, etc. Users of the software application will have limited control over the application and its configuration settings.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

Infrastructure as a Service refers to buying or renting IT infrastructure such as servers, virtual machines, networks, operating systems, storage from an external service provider. It provides you access through a private network or over the Internet. This cloud computing service works on pay-as-you-basis.

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS):

Platform as a Service can also be considered as a crossover of both SaaS and IaaS. PaaS is a cloud computing service that provides an on-demand environment to an organization for developing, testing, delivering and managing their software applications. It helps developers in quickly developing and designing their web or mobile applications. While working on PaaS, developers need not to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure essentially needed for development.

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Benefits of Cloud Computing Services:

Cloud Computing brings a huge transition from the traditional way businesses think about IT resources. Cloud computing offers numerous benefits to your business. The benefits of cloud computing vary upon the utilization of cloud computing services in your business. With the increasing web-enabled devices in today’s business environment, cloud computing services can offer a virtual office to give your employees the flexibility of connecting from anywhere and access the data even when you are connected from any other network.

Here are some of the benefits of Cloud Computing Services:

  • Agility: Cloud computing services let you innovate and focus on your valuable IT resources at the same time. You can easily and quickly spin up your resources when you need them while also deploying them at the same time. It allows developers to quickly develop and launch new application.
  • Scalability: With cloud computing services, you can easily scale up or scale down your business operations and storage needs as per your requirement. Instead of buying and installing expensive upgrades, let your cloud computing service provider handle these things for your business.
  • Collaboration Efficiency: Cloud computing services in your business enhance collaboration among the employees, as it gives your business the ability to communicate and share easily inside or outside the network.
  • Cost Saving: Utilizing cloud computing services can directly eliminate your trade capital expenses of buying hardware and software, installing and running them on-site datacenters and several other expenses.
  • Deploy globally in minutes: Cloud computing services allow you to easily deploy your application at several locations with just a few clicks. It helps in providing better customer experience irrespective of their location.
  • Quality Control: Having all the data stored at one place and in a single format, cloud computing services allow business operations to access the same information across the entire network while minimizing the human error.

Businesses and organizations using cloud computing services are managing computing resources online. With the help of cloud computing, organizations can easily access their information virtually, while creating a flexible and global way of accessing the data at any place, any time.