How Has Animation Made Our Lives Better

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Just a few years back we used to live in a very different era, where there was no mobile phone, no computers, and no gadgets. During that time, people did not expect that we would make so much development in the tech industry. Technology today has become a part of our daily lives, we cannot imagine ourselves without a cell phone, not watching movies or playing cool games. Not to mention Google maps and use of apps. But fortunately, technological developments have made way for new advancement in the animation industry.

Going back to the 1980s, we can notice that many of us depended on people for information. Even sending letters we required postman, who would deliver it to our homes. But as times change, we see the use of animation in making video games, mobile apps, and online games. Animation graduates are thus in demand and have good career prospects in their field.

Where is Animation Needed?

  • Medical animation – medical colleges constantly research new discoveries of medicines and tools to cure an ailment. The animation is thus required while building medical tools and equipment and even in DNA research. They help provide an insight into the real world and find out faults if any.
  • Education – modern schools are known to use animation to explain their subjects to the students. They do not use traditional chalkboards with chalk and duster, but rather animation techniques. A very famous learning app called Bijou uses animation technique for imparting education. Top animation companies in Bangalore are known to work with such companies for advanced development.
  • Architecture – a very popular field that uses animation in the architecture industry. Blueprints, 2D and 3D models of actual building are made before they are constructed. Homes, wedding halls, science buildings, offices and almost every one of them uses animation before the actual construction begins. Dubai is known to use animation for all its projects creating stunning architecture with high-end graphics.
  • Gaming – since the invention of video games, the gaming industry uses animation at maximum level. Various 3D and 2d animation studios in Bangalore are known to build games and apps with mind-blowing graphics and animation.
  • Film making – as we all know Disney leads the way for the animation industry in filmmaking. From old classics like Mickey Mouse, Fairytales to modern-day films like Frozen, animation has come a long way. It has also led to the rise of Animes, which are extremely popular in Eastern countries like Japan. The latest is the 3D animation films which are loved by all. China has also developed 5D animation technologies in recent years.
  • Gadgets – we cannot ignore the cool gadgets that have come up in the past few years. XBOX, smartphones, tech watches, fitness gadgets and many more are developed for the betterment of human lives. Companies make millions of dollars out of these products.
  • Police – various intelligence agencies throughout the world use animation for detecting crimes and criminals. They create 2D face structures of suspects and help in solving crimes. Latest security systems are also developed to minimize the crime rate and maximize security throughout the world.