The Top 5 Networking Trends for 2019


With the buzz that technology has already created, we can’t think of it getting older. Every day is an invention. Every minute is an innovation. From the introduction of Artificial Intelligence to Cloud technology, SDNs, IoT, Blockchain, AR, IR, and much more splendid technologies have literally changed the way we live.

This new era of Information and technology has specially revived the business world and market. Today, organizations have improved ways to step up their game and embark the success despite the tightest competition. One such technology that has revolutionized the business world and make it easier and convenient for businesses to work is networking. Now, what is networking?

Networking or network technology is the ways that has bridged the gap between 2 computer systems placed at a distance of one meter to many miles apart. Now, with the help of networking, two computers can easily connect and communicate with each other by means of something as simple as a dial-up modem to the web itself.

However, if you are a geek that is not something new for you. You must be feeling confused about why one would need to define networking. So, we won’t kill the buzz and proceed forward to the main theme of the blog which is “Networking Trends”.

We are now going into the time of 5G. It will empower a large group of new apps both for end users and companies, including IoT, AR, VR, driverless vehicles, improved mobile broadband to name a few. Before long, there will be many kinds of devices in the market. The effectively thick IT systems are ready to turn out to be much increasingly convoluted. Conventional computerization systems will never again be adequate, and AI will prepare for NextGen robotization carrying out a genuine end to end advanced change.

So, read articles online, get network certification training like online Cisco certification training, enroll yourself in courses, watch videos, and stay updated to prevent network management setbacks for your company. Also, here are some of the biggest network technology trends that we will be seeing in 2019 and beyond.

Network Technology Trends

5G – It’s just got faster and better

5G is already in working by telecom giants. We can expect deployments to initiate by the 4th and final quarter of 2019. 5G is created to advance the experience of the cell phone clients as well as the whole communications innovation environment. Increment in transmission capacity and backing for ultra-low inertness in 5G will fuel imaginative new applications in the AR, VR, and social insurance space. We can anticipate energizing applications in the region of Tactile criticism remote medical procedure and vehicle to vehicle communications, where the development so far has been quieted because of the absence of legitimate cell support. We have already witnessed the rise in adaptation and use of IoT gadgets exponentially. IoT will be further making strides in almost all homes, vehicles, smart cities, healthcare, retail, industries, business, and some more. In the coming years, we’ll see a monstrous increment in the number of gadgets associating with a consistently on the system.

Complex Networks

As per Cisco VNI, in 2 years there will be around 27B connected devices which are a huge number. Also, around half of the considerable number of gadgets will be connected to the network as well. The officially mind-boggling IT network is set to turn out to be significantly progressively muddled. Adding to the executive’s troubles is the developing number of experts telecommuting. It is evaluated that around 70 percent of the workforce telecommutes in any event once per week. The ascent of Hybrid clouds, BYOD culture (Bring Your Own Devise), Multi-cloud, new apps, and substantial interest for data transmission expending administrations, for example, videos streaming, social media, and gaming are generally prompting remarkable degrees of interconnections. This is resulting in further network complexities.

Security Concerns and Solutions

Today, many organizations have a multi or hybrid cloud work process. While this system offers a chance to streamline application conveyance, improve client experience, and diminish operational uses, it additionally opens up ways to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Multi-seller and Multi-area situations give a critical test to the network executives to maintain security approaches. Items from different merchants have various abilities, and it is winding up progressively hard to comprehend and oversee how the different security strategies adjust to every item. Numerous enormous networks function as a gathering of discrete littler networks where each network actualizes the security approaches in their own specific manner. Such disjoint networks do not have a brought together administration interface making them helpless against different sorts of cyber assaults. Security will be of huge enthusiasm to all organizations, and we are going to see numerous imaginative applications in this circle.

Next-Gen Automation

Organizations are probably going to spend generous assets to automate their network as much as they can, to not be deserted. Manual scripting and pointed arrangements won’t probably scale to coordinate the huge increment in network requests. There will be an ascent of inventive and shrewd network computerization arrangements that can oversee gadgets, automate benefits and implement consistency crosswise over on-prem and hybrid organizations. Cutting edge robotization will be furnished with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence how to battle the network multifaceted nature and security challenges. The robotization will advance from the conventional identify and react to an increasingly keen foresee and anticipate technique.

AI and ML

We have been hearing these popular expressions for as far back as a couple of years now, and we are certain to hear a greater amount of them in the coming years. Big Data and Analytics are helping organizations improve their showcasing and tasks by giving important, profound experiences into their exercises. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, organizations are presently progressing from targeting an expansive client classification to targeting the particular client himself. Despite protection worries that are raised every once in a while, ML and AI selection are on the ascent, and we are probably going to see its application crosswise over general spaces.

Many network admins are now trying to move forward to Intent-based Networking. These intent-based solutions will help in simplifying everyday tasks. Network automation will become necessary to maintain the security and sanity of the networks in the future.