How to Become a Certified Senior Data Scientist


A data scientist has been named the best job four years in a row in America. No doubt it has become one of the coveted job across several industries today. As companies continue to collect huge amounts of data to improve their products and services, data scientists remain to be one of the most sought after professions in the job market.

Increased demand for a data science professional also means an increase in salaries. According to Indeed, data science jobs that were posted between the year 2017 and 2019 increased by 55%. For professionals seeking our jobs during that timeframe, the search intensity increased by 8%.

Believe me or not the fastest-growing roles include job roles like senior data analyst and senior data scientists.

You can now demonstrate your expertise with the latest technical skills. Data science industry can only be of success when experts will be able to prove their capabilities to potential employers. However, the industry still faces a shortage of professionals with data science skills. IBM prediction says that by 2020 the number of a job opening for data professionals will increase to 2.7 million across the U.S.

At Data Science Council of America (DASCA), we’re offering you an exposure to the realm of data science with high exposure on research and analytics. The Senior Data Scientist (SDS™) certification program provided by DASCA speeds up your journey into becoming a data science professional sooner than you realize.

This comprehensive bundle will walk you through the latest skillset required by the current industry, giving you a step-by-step journey toward achieving it. SDS certification evaluates and recognizes that candidates’ mastery and expertise sought after by employers.

What you get offered here: –

  • You get credited through one of the world’s most powerful 3rd party vendor-neutral certification recognized by several market industries.
  • The SDS certification program includes a comprehensive DASCA preparation kit, curricula, easy processing of registration, up-gradation and renewal.
  • Extensive knowledge of data visualization tools, database architecting, designing, and analytics.

Looking for SDS™ certification program? You can now download the information here!

While there are several overlapping programs professionals in this domain are watching out for, an ideal one recommended would be the Senior Data Scientist (SDS™) certification program offered by DASCA.

As demand for data science industry continues to grow, the need to organize and analyze data continue to grow rapidly.

The dearth for talent in the data science industry makes it a lucrative career option for one to ascend. Expert professionals in this field continue to surge with no sign of slowing. Choosing data science as a career is preferably by far the best choice one can make today.

It is said that 90% of the world’s data was created in 2016, imagine what may be tomorrow’s plight. To sort and interpret the trillions of information from users, companies will now need many data scientists.

Secure your data science career by taking up data science certifications today. Take the leap and stay future-ready!