The Unconventional AI Roles out there


Artificial Intelligence is all over the news as the world goes bonkers over the miracles that can come true by embracing this branch of science. Organizations are all set to build and execute AI solutions. As per recent surveys, almost 80% of businesses are psyched about investing in Artificial Intelligence, but unfortunately, they are facing a shortage of individuals that can help them implement an effective AI application. Hence, it is clear that the job market is hot for AI Engineers and AI specialist who can offer their expertise to companies in moving ahead of their rivals in the AI race.

It has become evident that companies are seeking people with skills in artificial intelligence as well as machine learning. The demand for data scientists with PhDs is shooting up and employers are chasing people with a deep understanding of AI algorithms along with feature engineering. Although, there is a plethora of other AI roles that are not receiving equal publicity. Several job roles are on the AI products development side that the world must know about. So here I am, presenting you with a list of AI roles that are not very popular but are as equally important as any well-known job position in the AI realm.

  1. AI Engineer Role

Many companies today are focusing on the engineering aspect of AI. They are the in-demand breed of professionals. Not many people understand the difference between ML researchers and ML engineers. The former pushes the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence techniques while the latter enables organizations in developing AI products and applications. Hence, AI engineers are more appealing to companies in the current scenery of the business world. These AI workers have skills relate to constructing technology architectures that are helpful in deploying foolproof software.

  1. AI Data Czar Role

If you want your AI initiatives to work, you definitely require data experts. Machine learning enables systems to automatically learn and improve on their own by using data. Hence, data plays a huge role in creating an AI solution. The role of an AI data czar is a merger of data sourcing & managing skills with developing algorithms. It is certainly a unique job role that requires you to have a strong grip over computer science as well as statistics. These AI specialists know how data is applied in algorithms.

  1. AI Translator Roles and Business Leaders roles

There is a category of AI roles that meets at the junction of AI methods and business strategy. This function is typically played by a senior executive who possesses the prowess to connect business models and strategic objectives to AI which can help their organizations in advancing. It is wistful that in most companies, there is a lack of awareness about a business leader role that must be well-attached to AI techniques.

For creating AI-enables products, there is a staggering need for people with a mixed knowledge of business and technology. Most organizations do not have a clear idea of how Artificial Intelligence can help them make smarter decisions and produce better-quality products. To make companies more AI friendly, there has to be a person at the crossing point of business models, strategy, algorithm creation, code development as well as product development. In reality, this is a very rare breed of AI professionals.