Bitraser for File – Secure and Certified File Eraser software (Review)


According to a survey by The Harris Poll in 2018, approximately 60 million users in the United States are affected by identity theft.

And this number is increasing. In 2017, the same survey indicated that 15 million users were affected by identity theft.

One has to get your personal data to steal your identity, which a malevolent user can misuse to perform criminal activities for profit. There are two ways a spammer or hacker can get your personal information—online attacks and offline methods, which contribute to a significant part in identity theft.

Online attacks such as phishing, malware attacks, etc. are pervasive and more sophisticated now, which can expose your personal information in public. You can prevent them to an extent by using a reliable antivirus software with web protection and firewall.

However, offline methods are often low-tech and use simple ways that allow a malevolent user to retrieve someone’s personal information easily. These methods require physical access to the media.

How Offline Methods Work

When you dispose of, sell, donate, or share your storage media, smartphone, PC, or laptop, the end user can easily retrieve your personal files and data in a few minutes, even if you had formatted or factory reset your device—several times.

And all this can be done with the help of freely available data recovery software tools.

However, you can prevent such incidents of identity theft and data breach by using software tools such as BitRaser for File before discarding or sharing your media device(s).

About BitRaser for File

BitRaser for File is a secure and certified file eraser and privacy safeguarding software for Windows users. Its features 17 international data erasure standards and two verification methods. These standards include popular DoD 5220.22M (3passes/7passes), NATO, Gutmann, etc.

The software also has dedicated options to erase—not just delete—your sensitive internet activities-related data that contains confidential information such as browsing history, auto-fill form data, passwords, saved credit/debit card details, and more.

Similarly, you can also sanitize (secure erase) your system and application traces to destroy your system usage history and application data—such as email clients and chat messenger, which stores sensitive data.

Further, you can wipe free unused storage space on your PC to permanently destroy the previously deleted but recoverable files by using any of the 17 international data erasure standards.

You can search and erase individual files, folders, or entire drive volume—except C: drive and generate a tamper-proof data erasure report. This report can be used as a certificate of erasure to meet audits, regulatory compliances, and data protection laws such as GDPR.

BitRaser for File – Pros & Cons

BitRaser for File is a nifty tool to safeguard privacy and data from offline attacks, effortlessly. Data erased with BitRaser for File can’t be recovered through any data recovery software and services including forensic tools.

The following are the pros and cons of BitRaser for File software:


  • Erases files, folders, and drive volumes
  • Generates a tamper-proof and digitally signed data erasure report
  • Dedicated options to wipe Internet Activities, System Traces and Application Traces
  • Supports schedule erase tasks
  • Supports 17 international data sanitization methods
  • Two verification methods—Random and Total Verification
  • Option to search and erase files and folders
  • Windows File Explorer Integration
  • Works with all kinds of data storage media such as SSDs, mechanical drives, SD cards, Thumb drive, and eMMC, etc.


  • Free version wipes only smaller files of up to 64 KB in size
  • Cluttered UI
  • Drag and drop not supported
  • Can’t wipe C: Drive volume

Overall, the software works and erases files beyond recovery. By using BitRaser for File regularly to erase sensitive files or at the time of media disposal, you can prevent data breaches and identity thefts largely.

Tip: Use drive or data encryption to protect your important files on a storage media or system.


Use BitRaser for File software to protect your identity and safeguard personal data and privacy from prying eyes. Instead of using tools such as CCleaner, which only deletes sensitive browsing and system data, use BitRaser for File.

The software securely erases—not just delete or formats—your sensitive data by using dedicated options to wipe internet activities, system and application trace as per 17 international data erasure standards.

It also generates a tamper-proof and digitally signed certificate of erasure, which guarantees data destruction beyond the scope of recovery and helps meet audits and regulatory compliances.

No data recovery software or service, including forensic tools, can recover the files destroyed by using BitRaser for File.