Ways to Make Your Website More Accessible


There is just one thing all website owners want – to attract maximum number of visitors. But then there are many users out there who cannot access sites because of their disabilities.  You will have to put in efforts to understand their needs and cater to them, to make your website more accessible. Here is what you can do:

Making your site keyboard-friendly

First thing you need to do, to make your website more accessible, is to make sure it can be accessed entirely through a keyboard. Most of the assistive technologies that people with disabilities use, to access websites, rely completely on keyboard navigation. So make sure your pages, links, and all types of content can be accessed through keyboard.

Making your content easily accessible

Once you make your website keyboard-friendly, you have to make sure the content on its pages are accessible. This could be a problem if your webpages contain dynamic content. The solution is to use ARIA landmarks to tag your content so that you can define it on your pages. For instance, dynamic content on your page can be tagged as “live region” so that the assistive technologies are informed about the changes in the content.

Adding Alt Text to Your Images

Most screen readers might have problems with loading images. In such cases the alternative text that you add for your images can act as a replacement for those images. Even otherwise adding alt text can make your images easily accessible and readable by the screen readers. If possible, you can write descriptive summaries of your images and include a few keywords wherever it makes sense. This will improve your site’s SEO too.

Choosing the right colors

If you want to make sure your text stands out against your background, you will have to use contrasting colors. Dark text against light backgrounds or light text on dark backgrounds should be ideal. Avoid using shades of one color if they are too similar in saturation and hue. Instead use a clearer contrast. Also make sure you don’t use clashing colors that can be strenuous to the eyes of your visitors.

Structure your content correctly by using headers

Structuring your content is very important to make your website accessible. By using proper headers you can make sure your readers find it easy to read, understand and digest your content. While headers help screen readers interpret content, they also make for easier in-page navigation.

Get your website audited for accessibility, understand the possible flaws, and correct them to enjoy a competitive edge in the market.