The Pertinence of Data Science Certifications


Earning relevant qualifications is prerequisite to enter any industry space and if the industry is as competitive data science, there is no chance for a person to find a place for themselves without holding best of the best credentials. Hence, Data Science Certification program have a staggering demand in the marketplace.

Data science is thriving at an inexplicable speed. The data tsunami has brought a myriad of opportunities for companies that are leading the best phase of their existence by leveraging tons and tons of relevant data to add value to their businesses.

If you begin to count the sources that are responsible for the data surge, you might end up spending a great amount of your precious time doing so. The mobile phones and IoT devices used by almost every person, from children to adults to the elderly, are the cause of surrounding organizations with unimaginable volumes of data that is collected in enormous data reservoirs.

This data is cleansed, organized and analyzed by the most celebrated breed of professionals of today – Data Scientists. The reason why they are considered to crucial players of this field is that these competent professionals act as the data surgeons who dissect it to take out valuable information that can be used for the welfare of the different sectors of the economy.

By giving pertinent insights to the business segment of an organization, data scientists can enable companies to provide better services to their customers by going through consumer data and understanding their needs and preferences. Also, they can have a better idea of the market trends which can be helpful in taking more informed moves, making smarter decisions and attracting more profits.

Therefore, the demand for data science professionals is moving skyward. From people who can gather and give a better shape to the data to the ones who can pull insights from it to those who can use such insights for business purposes, everyone can benefit from a Data Science Certification.

Here the Top Data Science Certification you will find out there.

  1. Cloudera Certified Specialist in Apache HBase – Cloudera

Presented by a reputed certification body, Cloudera, CCSHB is a well-structured program designed for aspiring data science professionals who aim to work on projects connected to Apache HBase. This certification is a great source for learning concepts like API, HBase, data models and so on. It can give a good kick start to your data science career.

  1. Senior Big Data Analyst

Provided by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA), SBDA is an entry pass to the big data world. It is apt for market researchers as well as business analysts who are longing to diversify their job profile and become capable of handling big data work with ease. It is a vendor-neutral certification that you can earn to prove your capacity to tackle the intense and challenging work of the big data field.

  1. EMC Data Scientist Associate – EMC

A communicative certification in data science, EMC attains all the attributes of an excellent program that has the potential to inculcate efficiency into people who have the dream of joining this sector. By earning this certification, you can showcase your ability to manage high-degree big data projects. This certification has been constructed to enable people in developing the proficiency to deploy the data analytics life cycle, conducting big data analysis along with carrying out data visualization for building statistical models.

 4. Graduate Certificate in Data Science

A communicative data science certification program offered by the Regis University-Denver in Colorado. It is one of the most flexible courses provide online as well as on-campus and is designed to impart knowledge concerning a range of data sources, statistic data analyses methodologies along with machine learning & big data techniques. The unique selling point of this program is that students get to utilize the best technology for data analysis, visualization, prediction in addition to data manipulation.