Top Factors to Consider When You Want a Winning Web Design


The design of your website is the face of your brand. If it is great, then potential clients will want to find out more about your business. Otherwise, they will turn to other more appealing sites offering the same product you are offering. Investing in web design is important. Web design is a combination of different things. A leading digital agency such as Techtiq solutions provides a wide range of services such as web graphic design, authoring, creating standardized codes, and more.

For your website to generate the results you need, ensure these crucial elements are working for you;

Fast loading speed

Nothing creates a higher bounce rate than a website which takes forever to load. For more clients to visit your site, the loading speed has to be no more than 3 seconds on any device regardless of connection conditions. Otherwise, potential clients will turn to other faster pages which happen to be your competitors, making you lose out on business.

A clean website which is easy to navigate

If a visitor feels lost in your site, they will most likely leave. Make the navigation of your website very easy and clear. De-clutter your site so that every function on your site is easily visible. A cleaner site looks less overwhelming to visitors. Avoid long drop-down menus and use other better navigation styles such as hamburger style of navigation.

Work on your site’s credibility

There is a long list of what you can do to make your site more credible. You can start with an official domain name. Secondly, have a clear ‘about us’ page where you clearly explain what your business is about. Include contact information which can be verified. Have a handful of reviews and testimonials. You can also include trust seals such as your ratings, awards, and so on.

Check website accessibility on different browsers

Your web design should work on different kinds of browsers if you want more traffic. Ensure browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer are working on your website. Mobile browsers should especially top the list as many people today access the internet from their handsets.

Integrate social media

Place social media buttons where visitors can easily find them. Ensure that your social media has recent updates as this will get your visitors more interested in your business.

Integrate email marketing

The fastest way to get some loyalty is to get email subscribers. Including a pop-up form with an offer that encourages people to give up their email address could get you a handful of followers. Create short forms which have a clear purpose outlined and contain only a few relevant fields. People hate filling long forms so the more concise it is, the higher the chances that visitors will not ignore it.

Let your website be appealing at first sight. Check that your font is readable and avoid poor spelling, grammar and punctuation. Avoid too many ads or leave them out altogether. The end goal is to get as many conversions as possible, and that means doing whatever it takes to take distractions off your site.