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The crowded premium commuter segment gets a new motorcycle from Honda, which sounded unexpected with the CB Unicorn 160 and the CB Hornet 160R already in the pipeline. On paper, it seems like a smart move since both the CB Unicorn 160 and CB Hornet 160R are not exactly crunching the sales numbers. Now, the X-Blade does share its platform and powertrain with the other siblings. Read our Honda X-Blade review to know how different is this bike compared to its siblings.

Starting off with the X-Blade review, the first thing we noticed that this motorcycle does not share any design cues with its sibling. It has a lot of cuts and edges, yet it doesn’t look busy, the Megatron like headlamp and the sharply sculpted fuel tank give the X-Blade a large appearance. One thing we did not praise is the exhaust, which is just too big for our liking. Much of the switchgear has been borrowed from the siblings, however it does get hazard lights as an extra and there is also a new instrument cluster with a gear position indicator.

Further into the X-Blade review, the bike borrows its engine from its sibling, the 162.7cc single cylinder engine is tuned to produce more power than the CB Unicorn 160 at 13.93bhp and the torque remains the same at 13.9Nm. The strongest point of this engine is the mid-range where the bike packs a lot of punch and the motor revs freely even when ridden aggressively. However, the gearbox is clunky and there were few occasions we were stuck in false neutral.

The ride quality is stiff from the X-Blade, it feels bumpy over big potholes but it manages to stay planted at higher speeds. The steering is good and the bike feels confident around corners or even in traffic cutting situations. The X-Blade is a fun city commuter. The X-Blade does try to fit in the gap in between the Unicorn and the Hornet, but it doesn’t offer much to stand apart from its siblings. Read our full Honda X-Blade review on our website and for the latest upcoming bikes and upcoming cars in India, be sure to tune in to autoX.


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