Different Types of Materials Used in Banner Printing


Printed banners are considered one of the most conventional, yet highly effective methods of advertising. They help to create brand awareness and generate the necessary response to achieve sales. Banners are typically placed outdoors or indoors and come in a variety of sizes and designs. Outdoor banners are usually made with durable material to withstand the elements. Indoor banners, on the other hand, do not necessarily need to be made with the same strict requirements.

In addition to advertising, banners also serve a variety of purposes. Banners can be decorations for events such as exhibits and conventions, as well as parties. These days, it is almost too convenient to get a banner made because there are hundreds of companies that specialise in printing roll up banner and pull up banner ads of every size.

Different types of printed banners

Banners can come in a variety of designs and materials. Some of the most basic types of banners are the following:

  • Paper banners. Banner ads printed on paper are only suitable for indoor use. Colours and photos often look more vibrant on paper which makes them an excellent option for exhibits and trade shows. However, paper is not resistant to weather which does not make them as durable as other types of material.
  • Vinyl banners. Vinyl banners are more versatile because they can be used both indoors and outdoors. These banners usually come in standard sizes, but you can customise the size if you want greater prominence. Suppliers often allow you to have additional options like pockets for poles and reinforced corners for a more stable installation.
  • Mesh banners. Mesh banners also use vinyl, but the distinction is that the material has crisscrossed fibres. This type of banner is often used outdoors because the holes make it more resistant to strong winds.
  • Canvas banners. Canvas has a high-end look which makes it perfect for indoor exhibits. The unique texture of canvas makes colours look more vivid and lifelike.
  • Polyester banners. Banners printed on polyester fabric are not standard, but when done right, it creates a vibrant and dynamic print.

Choosing which material to use for your banner ads depends on the location, purpose, and budget. For temporary banners, it is best to stick with more economical choices. But if you intend to use the same banner for multiple events, choose a high-quality material which will be more durable.

Using printed banners for advertising

One of the most popular uses of printed banners is to advertise products and services for businesses.  Banner ads are a targeted method of marketing, which means that you are strategically placing them in areas where most of your target audience are found. Despite the prevalence of digital marketing, printed banner ads are still considered one of the more convenient, economical, and effective methods of advertising.

Many well-known brands today still invest in high-quality banners and billboards to reinforce product recognition. With print banners, you can be as creative as possible to convey your intended message and at the same time attract customers to buy your product or service.