What should you do if you experience problems with “Pname Com Facebook Orca Stopped?


hen you receive a pop-up message Pname Com Facebook Orca on your screen when accessing Facebook, you have to find a solution for that. That is a problem that is quite annoying and if you can’t handle it, this article is for you.

Pname Com Facebook Orca: What is that?

Actually the Pname Com Facebook Orca folder is a Facebook messenger application. This folder has a vital function; it saves all plugins, cache, images, audio, videos and other files from the Facebook Messenger application. Therefore, you must be aware that this folder is completely unavoidable. If you know what I mean.

Facebook Orca Katana: You need to understand this

You may already know about the existence of the com.facebook.katana folder. The Katana folder, just like the Orca folder, is also much related to the Facebook application. This will be created automatically once you have finished installing the Facebook application. That way, as long as you still have a Facebook application on your device, you cannot completely delete this folder. However, this is not something to worry about. This won’t bring any problems to your device.

Misconceptions about Pname Com Facebook Orca
Many people have misunderstandings about Pname Com Facebook Orca. They tend to think of this folder as a form of virus or malware attack. Of course not! This is the folder that the Facebook application automatically creates on your device once you have finished installing the application. This may be quite annoying but not dangerous at all.

What does it mean if you get a notification of Pname com.facebook.orca stopped?

Herein lies the main problem. It will be annoying when you find a message saying that Pname.com.facebook.orca stopped. You might be able to ignore it but only for a while! This message will be displayed repeatedly and burst message attacks will make you very frustrated. Ignoring is a temporary solution and not the solution you expect. You need a solution that doesn’t last long enough. But what is that?

Could I delete the folder?

Again, you cannot delete it because it is the default folder of the Facebook application. Once it’s deleted, it will appear again when you surf on Facebook. This is not a good idea and you need another solution.

The vital role of the Facebook Orca folder

This folder is useful if one day you want to take Facebook conversations or messages that have been deleted from your Facebook messenger application. You cannot save all your conversation files if not with the Facebook Orca folder. Facebook Orca saves all your conversation files! This is the reason why this annoying folder takes up a lot of space on your device.

Then what solution can you take?

Of course you will not read this article in vain. You can overcome the problem of “Pname Com Facebook Orca Stopped” by doing the following steps:

Here’s the permanent solution!

1. Open the “settings” option on your mobile device, followed by going to the “application” option.

2. Click the “All Applications” option. You will find the “Facebook application” tucked into it.

3. Click “Facebook application”, followed by deleting all data in it.

4. Restart “Facebook application”.

Once you have successfully passed all the steps above, you can solve this problem permanently.

If you experience the same problem again then you need to uninstall your “Facebook application” and go to the Google Play Store to install “the new Facebook application”. This will prevent you from encountering the same problem.

Hopefully this article can help you to get rid of this annoying problem.