All about Outdoor Self Storage Unit


The self-storage industry has many types of storage facility, but most units fall under the category of indoor or outdoor storage.

An outdoor self-storage unit is just like having an additional large garage which can be accessed from outside the building making it quicker and easier to store. These types of storages are mostly used to secure expensive vehicles, boat, yacht or outdoor equipment’s.

They are often built like a series of garage units separated by wire or mesh as dividing wall. It has a roof and a rolling shutter. They are only used for storing items which do not require a climate-controlled storage.

Why choose Outdoor Storage?

Cheaper than Climate Controlled Indoor storage:

Outdoor storage units are comparatively cheaper than indoor units. If you want to store your belongings which are not affected by weather change, an outdoor unit would suit your requirement best at a reasonable price.

Affordable Parking:

Outdoor-self storage units can be used as an alternative to expensive parking options. As an add-on advantage, you get 24-hour surveillance of your vehicle as well.

Ease of Access:

Such storage units are accessible from the outside of the building. When you need to store heavy load, such outdoor accessibility is a must and a big advantage for you to rent such units.

Larger Storage Room Requirement:

If your requirement is of a larger store to fit large equipment, finding an indoor self-storage of such huge size is quite difficult as larger indoor storage units are typically unavailable. In such a scenario you will need to rent an outdoor unit. Such large outdoor storage units of the size 10′ X 20′ or higher are available at storage units Miami.

When to choose Outdoor Storage?                     

Protected Vehicle Storage:

This is a very secure place to park your expensive vehicles as it is protected by a world-class security system.

Large Items Storage:

When you need a lot of storage place for bigger items, an outdoor storage unit should be rented as many facilities do not allow you to store heavy machinery in their indoor unit. Also, space constraint might become an issue.

Business Storage:

An outdoor access can make self-storage for a business lot quicker and easier.

When moving:

An outdoor unit with drive-up facility makes it easier to store your belongings temporarily while you are on the move.

Truck Unloading Required:

If you want to unload truck items directly into the storage, then renting an outside unit which has a drive-up access would be an absolute must.

When not to choose Outdoor Storage?

Storing Small Items:

Ideally using an outdoor unit for storing small items makes no sense as you can easily carry them to an indoor unit. Also, you don’t need a huge space for storing fewer items.

Storing Valuable Items:

Outdoor storage only uses a garage door to protect your valuables. It is ok to store large machinery and vehicles as stealing them is not simple but storing small valuable belongings is a bit risky. Also, the units are separated from the adjacent unit by mesh or wire partition so that again makes it prone to stealing.

Weather-Sensitive Items:

These units are in direct contact with outdoor; hence there would be temperature fluctuations. It is really not advisable to store temperature sensitive items in such units.

Final Take

An outdoor storage unit does not offer climate control, but it acts as a really good storage unit if you want to store large heavy vehicles and machinery. You need to measure your needs before you decide the type of unit you require to rent.