Easy Configuration of Netgear Extender using Netgear Genie

Netgear extender setup

Netgear genie is a well ordered wizard that helps you in installing and configuring a Netgear WiFi extender. Also, it tends to be effectively configured to handle Netgear home or office extenders and routers, providing you with a basic dashboard to check, control and fix wireless networks. In this post, we will take a look at how to configure a Netgear WiFi range extender utilizing the genie application. Eager to know? Keep perusing.

Step by Step Instructions to Utilize Netgear Genie Setup to Configure the WiFi Extender

With this app’s ease-of-use and incredible look-and-feel, it becomes really easy to manage your WiFi router as well as extender. The application even offers help for a single sign-on (SSO) function, enabling you to make utilization of one set of login credentials for the majority of your Netgear accounts. It is utilized to effortlessly manage, interface and compose your WiFi home network from a cell phone or tablet. Utilizing it, you can stream and share recordings or music, set up parental controls, distinguish and troubleshoot network issues and much more. You should simply just download Netgear genie relying upon your gadget.

Aside from Netgear extender setup the genie helps in following activities:

  • Check speed for your WiFi network

  • Establish a guest network for close friends and family members

  • Set up live parental controls

  • Change the username or passcode of your wireless network

  • See all network-associated gadgets in a graphical manner

On a Netgear WiFi range extender, you can utilize genie setup for

  • Configuring administrator settings

  • Changing internet settings

  • Modifying remote settings

  • Updating Netgear extender firmware

Sign in to Netgear WiFi Extender utilizing the Genie Wizard

Given below are the steps to log in to your range extender with the help of genie wizard:

  1. Take an Ethernet link and make a wired association between the PC and extender.

  2. You can likewise interface both the gadgets with one another utilizing a remote association.

  3. Guarantee the associations are made legitimately.

  4. Turn on the WiFi extender and let it finish booting up.

  5. Access any internet browser on PC.

  6. Navigate to mywifiext.net web address.

  7. A login window will show up.

  8. Type the username and passkey to continue.

  9. At long last, click on login button.

  10. On the off chance that the default login details don’t work, you may have modified them at some point.

  11. Use another password for signing in to mywifiext.

  12. In the event that it also fails, the extender should be reset to the industrial default settings.

  13. When you have effectively signed in, Netgear genie setup wizard will be shown on the screen.

Presently, you are allowed to adhere to the on-screen directions for Netgear extender setup and configuration. In the event that you find any issue, call our specialists and approach them for dependable and rapid solutions.

Bonus Tip: You can likewise utilize IP address as opposed to the web address for getting to mywifiext.net setup page.

Change WiFi Network Name and Password of Netgear Extender

In order to make the network increasingly secure, you should modify the default WiFi name and password. This should be possible utilizing the mywifiext.net login wizard for new extender setup.

As a matter of first importance, dispatch an internet browser on a gadget which is associated with your network connection. In the upper right corner, type mywifiext.com in the bar and press enter. Whenever opened, put in the username and password. Utilize the default credentials in the event that you are getting to the page for the very first time.

You can check Netgear extender manual for finding such credentials. Once you have signed in to the extender, the setup wizard interface will open. Hit the wireless segment showing up on the left side of the website page.

There is a choice saying system name or SSID. Put in the favored username for your WiFi home or office network. It is suggested don’t share these secret details with anybody. Additionally, make as secure password as you can. Finally, click on save changes button.

Furthermore, with this single tick, you have changed the username and secret word for your network connection. In the event that you have any kind of inquiries, feel free to ask them from us by means of the comments segment beneath.