How to Correct Errors In GST Registration


Issues in GST Registration- Problems and Solutions

In India, almost 1 crore businesses have received GST Registration. You can obtain GST Registration through Afleo with Export support, or you can do it yourself through Government GST portal. In this Article, we will discuss problems which are faced by the taxpayers with a solution.

  1. No Provisional ID

Problems- If you don’t have the username or provisional ID to start the GST Registration process.

Solution- For applying new online GST registration, all taxpayers have to provide their name, PAN, business name, mobile number and email for starting the registration process. GST registration process begins at Be sure to start your process with this page after providing the information. You will receive OTP number in mobile or email id for verification. On successful completion process, the temporary number will be provided for start GST registration process

In a case, under GST you are a non-resident taxable person and do not have India mobile number for receive OTP. You have to use the mobile number of Authorised sign. All non-resident taxable person must assign a person in India to act as an Authorised sign

  1.  Unable To Choose Range Code-

Problem- No Range Code accessible.

Solution- When GST registration process you will need to choose the application GST administration based on Range Code. In a few cases, the drop-down lists including the range code would not occupy. In such case be sure your browser is suitable with the GST Portal.

  1. Errors in Digital Signature-

Problems- You are facing the problem with the digital signature need for GST registration.

Solution- For the following types of GST registration application digital signature is mandatory-

  • Private Limited Company
  • Public Limited Company
  • Foreign Company
  • Unlimited Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Public Sector Undertaking
  • Foreign Limited Liability Partnership

Before starting GST registration process, be sure you have to obtain a class 2 or class 3 digital signatures for the authorized signatory PNAME COM FACEBOOK ORCA .

  1. Incorrect PAN Details-

Problem – Incorrect PAN details.

Solution-During registration for GST you have to provide PAN of authorizes signatory and promoters. The PAN information which you provide on a GST portal should match the PAN database. The data submitted on GST portal is verified immediately against the PAN database. If there is any mistake, the application will be not proceed vidmat app.

  1. GST Registration Certificate Not Received-

After about 5-10 days of submission of the application still, you have not received GST registration certificate check whether GST officer and ask any queries on the GST portal by entering with the Temporary reference number.

In case, if you have not received GSTIN or GST registration. It would consider it is an issue in registration after 10 working days.

  1. Inaccurate Information On GST Registration Certificate-

If you got the GST registration certificate with incorrect information you should contact with GST  SEVA Kendra or GST help desk. In this case, you must change GST email id or mobile number check the following details-

  • Change GST mobile number.
  • Change GST email id.
  1. ARN Number Is Not Received-

After submitted all the information correctly and you have not received any ARN number so contact the GST helpline number-

GST helpdesk 0124-4688999 or at 1800-1200-232


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