Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2018 Review


Amazon’s kindle has been on top of the market when it comes to e-reading. Now their new model, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, got launched and is set to dominate the e-reader market again. Its WiFi variant has been priced at INR 12,999 where you can also choose to explore some best price range available with Snapdeal Coupons today. Let’s take a brief look at its new features to conclude whether it is worth a buy this year.

Design –

Kindle Paperwhite 2018 has a thinner design. It is lighter than its previous model. Because of these modifications, it is now easier to use kindle with one hand. They have added chassis on the screen and it gives a very classy and premium look to it. The only color available is black. The new design is subtle yet elegant. In the box, you will get kindle, one micro USB cable and some manuals.

The back of the newer model feels premium too and has a rubber like surface to increase grip. The front of the device has glossy finish and is a fingerprint magnet. Unlike kindle Oasis, Paperwhite, so it is comfortable when kept in your palm, has curved edges. There is only one button on the bottom of the device. There are no physical buttons for turning pages and the touch sensitivity is good with easy to use controls.

One disappointment is that it doesn’t have USB type C port. Though it has a plastic body, it’s built is quite tough and chassis gives it good aesthetics.

Performance –

Kindle Paperwhite has a 6 inch screen with 300ppi resolution, which as same as the previous model. But unlike its predecessor, the new glass front suits well with it. The screen is E Ink Carta and it 20% less reflective than previous models. Panel quality is remarkable and the reading is very easy with clear and crisp display. The device has a great outdoor legibility with an evenly spread front light.

Unlike the expensive Oasis, in Kindle Paperwhite, you will have to adjust brightness manually. Automatic adjustments and sensors aren’t present in Paperwhite but have been provided in Oasis. One thing similar in both are that they can be immersed in 2m deep water for an hour harmlessly. Thus, you can read being in your pool or shower and this feature makes kindle a great choice for readers.

User interface is quite similar as its predecessor and you can change the font size, font type, alignment, page width and orientation as per your preference. A new feature introduced is that you can now create custom profiles. This allows you to save various settings and you can choose your desired one very conveniently. This feature is especially a delight when kindle is being shared amongst many users. When you are not using kindle and it sits idle for an hour, it goes into a hibernation mode. It takes some seconds to wake up and can seem annoying to some users, but this feature helps the device to save battery.

Audio books’ support isn’t yet available in India and Amazon plans on bringing it soon enough. There is a VoiceView Screen Reader feature and when activated, it will read out, in a robotic voice, the menu items and books. You can also buy a water safe cover for your kindle from Amazon now. The colors available are blue, yellow and black. LTE support is now available in India and its technically the first kindle with this feature in India. LTE variant is priced higher with a 32GB internal storage, while the WiFi variant has 8GB. You can also explore some similar variant with other makes having latest technology available with Tata Cliq Offers today.

Battery life –

It can be used for weeks with one charge and you can continue reading your favourite books without worrying about the battery at all.

Conclusion –

The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is IPX8 waterproof, thinner, lighter and with a better display and battery. It lacks a USB type C port, which is a disappointment. But it surely is an amazing option still for it has other important features. The LTE variant is a bit expensive but the WiFi model is affordable. Though kindle oasis is the premium model, release of Paperwhite has shortened the gap between the two. If you aren’t very keen about buying a water resistant model, you can still prefer the previous lesser priced ones, that can be easily available under discounted rates. Kindle paper white LTE model costs INR 17,999 and the WiFi variant costs INR 12,999.