4 Simple Steps to Manage Complex digital Transformations | Infographic


Change management is hardest to come by. Especially when the change is associated with introducing and imbibing new technologies and concepts. As Big data is increasingly gaining significance in many businesses, most organizations face an urgent need to revamp their existing systems and processes. And change management no more remains a choice.

The infographic 4 simple steps to manage complex digital transformations by Data Science Council of America (Dasca) provides a roadmap to organizations seeking ways to incorporate new digital technologies in their systems and also to the ones seeking to revive their existing digital systems.

The infographic suggests that organizations should ideally begin the process with a thorough understanding of the stakeholder expectations. It further lays four essential steps to ensure maximum impact and acceptability of the suggested digital changes.

In addition to answering the “hows” of digital transformations, the infographic also establishes the need or the “whys” of making these changes. The number of businesses trying to make changes in their existing business models and systems is staggering.

This infographic outlines top priorities and challenges for the CIOs. CIOs while concerned about the technicalities of the transformations, place highest emphasis on their choice of business streams. 73% want to move away from silos to provide business services and 68% find IT skills difficult.  Added to it is exigency of extending their application portfolios. While 89% of CIOs want standardized continuous deployment, 67% say hybrid cloud workload is a challenge.