Tips for Belkin Wireless Range Extender Setup

setup Belkin range extender

In today’s technological era, we would have a flawless WiFi or internet access no matter where you roam around in home or office. Despite the fact, concrete walls, metal appliances, reflective surfaces, electronic appliances, baby monitors, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, and related obstacles cause slow and sluggish signal strength. But there is no need to worry or get frustrated. The Belkin setup extender process increases the reach of your existing WiFi network to a great extent, creating a secondary network for dead zones and blind spots.

In case you find any difficulty while installation and setup of your Belkin device, feel free to get in touch with our certified technical department “the solution provider of Belkin” at 1-844-911-0441 (toll-free).

Get to Know Belkin Wireless Range Extender

Before Belkin N300 range extender setup process, you should first know about each and every part of your smart dual-band extender. Belkin device incorporates two main panels: Front panel and back panel.

Front Panel

The facade of Belkin extender is known as the front panel that contains a WPS button and light and status light.

The status of Belkin WiFi extender is indicated by the front light.

Off: This means that the extender is off.

Solid Blue: This means that the extender is connected to wireless network properly.

Solid Amber: This means that there is a good connection between WiFi network and range extender, but it is a weak signal.

Alternating Amber/Blue: This means that the range extender is ready to be set up and use.

Along with that, the WPS (WiFi-Protected Setup) button and light is present on the front panel also. The WPS button is meant for setting up a safe, secure, and reliable connection between range extender and WPS-enabled WiFi devices. Conversely, the WPS light also indicates what is happening while using WiFi-Protected Setup for Belkin extender setup.

Back Panel

Well, the back panel of Belkin extender contains a reset button and wired (LAN) connector. By making use of this connector, all AV devices like a TV, gaming console, Blu-ray player and other wired devices can easily be connected using a well-maintained USB/ Ethernet cable. Apart from this, the reset button is used to reset the Belkin extender in case the device is not functioning properly.

A fascinating guide for Belkin Range Extender Setup

The Belkin N300 WiFi range extender setup can easily be completed in two rose petal manners: wired setup and by using a wireless connection.

Method 1: Wired Setup

If you desire or wish to use a wired connection for the setup Belkin range extender process then make use of an Ethernet cable. Also, ensure that it doesn’t have cuts, dust or other damages. If it is all good, you are ready to start the setup, installation, and configuration process of your Belkin WiFi range extender.

Well, the installation and configuration of the device is pretty simple. Simply insert an end of the cable into extender and another one to the main router of yours. Once done, switch on your laptop or computer and connect it to a wireless network properly.

After that, pull up an internet browser (any) and navigate to www.belkin.range (web-based page). Next, use default username and password in order to proceed further. Now, click on “get started” button and find the network you wish to extend and type the password (security key or passphrase) and walk through the creamy smooth on-screen instructions given on the displayed page.

And that’s it! There you are! You have completed Belkin range extender setup process successfully without any issue. In case you encounter any technical issue, call us on our aforementioned toll-free number.

Method-2: Wireless Setup

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of messy wires then go with the baby touch wireless setup method. In order to set up your Belkin device wirelessly hit the WPS button on your signal booster (extender) once. This will make a secure connection between network and range extender. On the other hand, you can use the WPS Personal Identification Number (PIN) for Belkin wireless extender setup as well.

The number can easily be found at the back or bottom panel of your wireless router. Conversely, it varies depending upon the make and model number of your smart device. Moreover, you can also take immediate assistance from our certified and highly-experienced technicians and know your WPS PIN number.

Once you have found the number successfully, load up a relevant web browser of your choice on PC or a laptop. Navigate to belkin.range setup and enter the WPS PIN in the provided box to complete the extender configuration process without any trouble.

Note: You can also type Belkin range extender IP address (default) for the setup of your device.

Good Job! In this hassle-free way, the setup of your Belkin device has been completed successfully. For any technical help related to the setup and installation process or any, feel free to reach us via comment section below.