View things before they are arranged in the real world

View things before they are arranged in the real world

In the field of technology, a lot of advancement has happened in the past few years which have brought lots of development in almost every wake of society. One more such development is AR. Augmented Reality or AR, one amid the rapidly developing technology is accepted by the users with open arms. At present, this technology has as well registered its presence in India. From the past, some years a number of start-ups have emerged in India, and it is believed that the growth rate pertaining to this technology in the country shall be nearly seventy per cent yearly. Augmented reality or AR technology has been accepted by just about every industry which includes education, real estate, automobile etc.    

Augmented reality India or AR technology has overlaid the virtual world onto the real world just by crafting a fantasy-like feeling to the users. By making the use of augmented reality technology, the users shall witness the structure of any living room by bringing in use of the smartphone. Also, the users shall observe how the chair or table or colour would suit their living room or house within the real world. This concept is extremely useful and shall as well bank the user considerable time since you are in a position to beforehand make up your mind for the colour or arrangement of the furniture in your living room.     

Augmented reality India companies are extending arms to a great extent. In the country, AR technology has been broadly utilised in a lot of sectors and as well is liked by the users. Augmented reality India does not merely offer the entire information regarding the item, but as well the users will be capable of viewing the item from any angle. It happens to be the highly amusing and simple to utilise technology.


The Indian market happens to be the biggest market all through the globe, and it is thought that augmented reality in India shall get success rapidly as opposed to any other nation. According to a report, it is thought that the rate of growth of augmented reality in the nation is ninety per cent annually. A number of companies are putting in millions of dollars into the area for augmented reality technology in India. In conjugation with the reputed brands, a lot of start-ups happen to be inclined towards augmented reality.  

It is believed that the blended augmented reality and virtual reality market size may get to an estimated two hundred and fifteen billion USD in the year 2021. Importantly, enterprises from different areas shall require making an investment in augmented reality-based uses to be all set for the future. Augmented reality has got the tremendous scope and below is given some industry verticals it can exercise impact on:

Retail marketing

Both online marketing and in-store have been revolutionised by making use of augmented reality applications. Notions such as AR – assisted immersive item catalogue visualisation, interactive kiosks, virtual rooms, and window shopping are previously doing good within this industry.