Tips to Secure your Transferable WiFi Hotspot


In today’s modern world when give and take has become a basic purchase, hacking and thrashing has also become a part of it. For business, travelers, professional and personal use, everybody is getting used to of Internet and tend to connect their device to the third-party WiFi. It may also interest you to know that most of the smart devices connect up to 5-6 devices at the same time. They easily share the password and allow their guest to share and connect with your home network positively.

But during your Netgear WiFi Extender Setup, do not enable your personal WiFi or share the third-party WiFi. If you do so, you are giving an open invitation to the intruders to enter into your network to hack and steal all the personal information you carry. You are still planning to share your personal hotspot with others, do build an extra strong password and also give a gift of firewall security to it. Last but not the least, if you are sharing your home network, do choose a plan that gives you an unlimited secure data that won’t allow you to end the secession in between.

  1. Permit an extra strong password on your personal hotspot- You will be glad to know that the upcoming hotspot comes with an extra smart feature that itself have security in it turned on by default. Do not take it in a negative sense because it is a good sign that your service provider is actually concerned about you and your security. Mostly, your manufacturer enables WPA-PSK security that you can see labeled at the back of your device (default). But the actual problem starts from here that the default set password or username strength may be short or set according to date (outdated).

In such cases, we would like to insist that do not go with the default securities and built a new, extra strong one according to your own need and preference. You are supposed to create that network name and password that no hacker can think to access in his nightmares.  Create a password that is more than 15 characters and full of symbols, digits, etc.

  1. Modify your network name from default to your own- You may see the default network name when you buy a new device. Another security step that you are about to take is changing the default wireless name to something casual and are lack of dictionary words. The reason behind this step is nothing much but to make you away from intruders because the hackers have the list of commonly used SSID names.
  2. Generate an extra strong wireless network password- Here also you have to apply the same process as mentioned above. By creating the password on your own preference, avoid using the dictionary words and built a password that would be impossible for anyone to find and detect. If anyone fails to detect your password it’s a good sign that indicates you are completely out of danger.
  3. Enable Netgear Genie app as well as the blocking feature- Some hotspots have the features like Verizon MiFi 2200 that gives you the full control to enable the wireless security. It is completely in your hand to block anyone and also getting yourself rid of unauthorized traffic. Installation Netgear Genie app on your device also enables some extra security features on your device that comes with a secure network and also gives you the access to parental and guest control. Just open a web browser and type into the address bar, fill in the required default login details that you can have easily from your Internet Service Provider and Netgear Genie Setup page will welcome you to enjoy and access its features and give all your devices and network a gift of high-class security with a safe, secure, and reliable network.
  1. Do not share your personal credentials with anyone- The guest (friends and relatives) who often visit you may always ask for your WiFi password. If you are helpless to share and don’t want to say no to them, it’s ok with that and we do understand your concern. But we do have the alternative to this situation, as soon as you say goodbye to your guests we insist and also recommend changing the password immediately just to avoid hacking because your guest may spread your details. Security of your home as well as your network is all in your hand.

In case you are not getting our concern about you, simply drop all the questions and queries appearing and about to appear in your mind in the comment box given below. We assure and give you our words that we will get back to you with an appropriate answer shortly.