Why PDF File is Not Printing on Mac OS X – Get the Solution Here

PDF file could not be printed

Have you ever wondered how annoying is this when you send a PDF file to print and it will not? Definitely, It is a mind-scratching situation, Why PDF file is not printing on Mac OS X The very first time when you encounter the file printing issue, you may consider these following points;

Switch off the printer and after some time turn it OFF. Then, try again to print PDF file Online File Conversion.
Check that cable of the printer is properly connected with the computer or not.

Still, if the PDF file is not printed on MAC OS X, then certainly other factors are responsible for this. So, just read this article once and find the root cause of ‘Can’t print PDF on Mac’ issue and solution to make PDF file printable in an efficacious manner.

Why PDF File is Not Printing on Mac OS X – Potential Reasons

If the issue does not arise by the printer, then it might be possible that because of some other factors the PDF file could not be printed. Here, we are going to show some common reasons due to use PDF file can’t be printed.

PDF File is Secured

PDF (short for Portable Document Format) is the best format that keeps file information and formatting intact in any situation. However, a user is able to apply security in PDF file with the help of Adobe Acrobat Software. The PDF files can be secured by a password and a user should need to enter the original password in order to open a file. Apart from this, the owner of the PDF file can apply restrictions that make PDF printing not allowed. Therefore it is needed to remove security from pdf on Mac OS with the help of third party utility.

Software Related Problems

It is a most common reason due to which PDF file is not printing on Mac OS X:

In such a situation, when an organization utilizing a shared printer among the employees, then verify everyone is using the same version of the driver for the printer. To do this, a user needs to follow the following steps:

1. Navigate to Finder >> Apple Menu.
2. After that, select System Preference >> Printers & Scanners.
3. Under Printer & Scanners preferences section, select Printer.
4. Next, click on Option & Supplies >> General in order to check the printer driver version.
5. Update the driver version if it is not same.

Use Upgraded PDF Software

Originally, PDF reader tools like Adobe, Mac Preview can open PDF documents. So, check that the version of these PDF viewers is updated or not while facing PDF printing problems. If there is an update available for software, then install it. Thereafter, restart the Mac system and print the PDF document.

Corrupt PDF File

Due to unexpected shutdown, virus attack, damage content like corrupted images in PDF file can make it corrupt. This damaged file will ultimately create a problem during the print process. In such a situation, you can probably take a printout of PDF as an image. To do this, you have to perform the following instructions:

1. In Adobe Acrobat software, navigate to File tab.
2. Select Print >> Advanced >> Print as Image option.

Note: The Advanced and Print As Image button positions can be changed according to Adobe Acrobat or Reader version.

Hardware Related Software

It might be possible that the hardware of Mac or printer is damaged due to which PDF file is not printing on Mac OS X. But, the hardware issues are very rare. Because it will not be limited to printing issue, it is more than that.

Look! Here is the solution to print PDF file on Mac OS

In such a situation, when the PDF file is secured or restricted the PDF printing is Not Allowed. In such situations, one can just use Mac PDF File Unlocker Software. It is an automated tool that can easily remove restrictions from an owner or known password level secured PDF file. After using this utility, the user can easily print, edit, or copy a PDF file on a Mac system without any problem. This software removes restrictions from multiple PDF files in one go without losing any data. However, the tool cannot unlock a corrupt document. Moreover, the software is available for a wide range of Mac Operating System. The software is available for both Windows and Mac users to unlock secured PDF document.

Final Thoughts

Many users have the query that ‘Why PDF file is not printing on Mac OS X’. So, after a deep analysis, we provide some specific information for the same. In this technical post, we have discussed all the genuine causes due to which users are unable to print PDF file on Mac OS X. Also, we have provided a solution named as Mac PDF Unlocker that can be easily used when PDF printing is not allowed. This software will unlock protected file and make it printable.