Blockchain Certifications – Why Do You Need Them?


Blockchain technology has been making waves with its unique features like decentralization and peer to peer network. This apart, other features like transparency, quality assurance and secured transactions are also luring business houses. Making them reach out for blockchain professionals.

However, recruiters are not seeking just experienced blockchain professionals. They are seeking certified blockchain professionals who are expert in handling blockchain applications.   Experienced blockchain professional is fine but why certified blockchain professional?

It is a known fact, certifications are a third party validation of your qualifications and skills. Certifications would ensure a prospective recruiter about your dedication to the profession and your interest to keep learning. Also, as a certified blockchain professional your chances of getting hired would increase tremendously. How you may ask?

Here’s how—

  1. Certified blockchain professionals aspire trust in recruiters because certification program coaches an applicant in all the latest tools and features of the technology.
  2. As a blockchain professional who has been working in the field for few years, certification would not only validate your skills but also validate your experience as well.
  3. Certifications prepare you for the real time challenges faced in the corporate world.
  4. Since blockchain technology is ever-evolving, certifications help you stay updated in the field.

Apart from the above-mentioned points that would help you in getting a job easily. There are other advantages that would make you a better blockchain professional.

  1. With certification you would have a better understanding of different structures and designing blockchain network.
  2. Certifications give that added boost to your resume making you feel confident about your skills and qualifications.
  3. Certification program would prepare you for the challenges you would face at the workplace.
  4. Certifications would open variety of gates for you in terms of jobs opportunity.
  5. As a certified blockchain professional you not only get hired easily, but you are also considered for promotions. Since certifications come with an expiry date, you are constantly upgrading and updating your certifications by either showing your experience proof or by taking the exam again. Either ways you are showing your growth – a positive sign employers seek in their top performers.

However, going for certifications just won’t help you professionally. You would need to opt for certification bodies that are renowned in the industry, offer vendor neutral certifications and prepare you for all the challenges that you could probably face at a workplace.

Once you have a become a certified blockchain professional, you could gain some experience by doing internships. Internships would let you test your knowledge you gained during your blockchain training.