How to increase the longevity of your air conditioner: Aircon maintenance tips?


If we are talking about wrecked havoc on the Earth’s atmosphere, then Global warming would top the list. People are baffling to survive in the scorching, heat and humidity because the ill-effects of Global warming have made lives tougher than ever before. This is the reason many people have fallen back on air conditioners to save themselves from the unusual climatic conditions.

Air conditioners play a crucial role in ensuring that the air in the room is healthy and fresh within the temperature that you want. People who don’t to go out of their zone immensely depend on the aircon to get their surrounding temperature right. And to be specific no one wants to go out of their comfort zone and so people overuse their air conditioners sometimes, so they overuse their air conditioners and exploit them to their fullest potential.

So you at least need to be prepared for the maintenance of your aircon if they fail to function to the desired level sometimes. And absolutely the smooth functioning o a product depends on its proper maintenance so whether your AC is commercial or domestic, you need to follow the below-listed points for better performance and durability. These include:

·         Ensure that you have the right air filters:

If you don’t know what the air filters do then get one thing straight in your head, either your AC has the right air filter, or your AC is ruined! The filters improve the quality of indoor air and aids in protecting the equipment from damage by preventing dirt buildup.

If your filter is in the proper working condition and is nice and clean, the air flows freely whereas a dirt clogged filter makes it difficult for the aircon to function. Not only this, but a dirty aircon consumes 15% more energy than a clean one. To prevent these sorts of issues, you can replace or clean the air filters monthly during the cooling seasons. So, the choice is yours!or contact aircon installers   like Aircon Service Brisbane

near to you.

·         Be concerned about the coils:

The outdoor condenser coil and the evaporator coil collect dirt overtime which blocks the airflow, and they don’t absorb enough heat to cool your surroundings. That’s why you should clean your coils annually to be on the safe side.

·         Straighten the fins and clean the condensate drains:

Due to blockage of airflow across coils the aluminium coils, they get bent sometimes. To improve the air flow in the fins, you can use a fin comb. Also know that when you are straightening the fins, you should clean them for any, debris, lawn cuttings that might be stuck around the indoor unit. Also, ensure that you use a pipe cleaner or a stiff wire to clear the condensate drains as dirty and clogged condensate drains aid in increasing humidity and decreasing the ability of the cooling system by adding moisture.

By following these simple steps regularly, you will surely make your aircon efficient and long-lasting.