Can you use any network on a Galaxy S5?

Galaxy S5
Galaxy S5

You have gone ahead and purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5. And then you find out that the phone is locked to a network carrier. Your phone’s default network carrier might cost you more than other networks would. Or, your network carrier might have a problematic reception in your area. What do you do in such a case? You can always go ahead and unlock your phone. Figuring out how to unlock samsung s5 to any network is an easy task.

There are 4 ways to go about it. Firstly, you can try getting in touch with your network carrier and inquire if they provide unlocking services. This will require all your pending payments to be cleared, your contract to be expired and the customer executive to agree with the change. Please note that a network provider is not legally bounded to provide you with the service. The success rate of this process is less as you are relying on the mercy of the network provider. Hence it might not be the best way out.

The next way is software unlocking. A lot of firms provide this service. But more often than not this process doesn’t bear results. It generally involves downloading a piece of software and installing on your phone, which then lets you make calls or browse the internet, using a different SIM card. This used to work for older versions of the phone but security updates over the years have rendered this process null and void. The success rate of this process is therefore very less.

Another way to unlock samsung galaxy s5 at&t is hardware unlocking. This process requires you to contact a shade phone repair shops who alter the physical hardware of the phone by finding an alternate path to redirect the calls by tinkering with the phone’s inner workings. This process is not recommended and is highly dangerous. It sometimes damages the phone in a permanent way. Be wary, of the negatives before you go ahead and unlock your phone in this fashion.

Lastly, the best way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone is to do it through IMEI unlocking. This method involves unlocking your phone through a firm that gives access to such unlocking. A number of companies provide such services. It requires you to go to the website of the IMEI unlock provider and provide your IMEI details. This process places your IMEL details in a global database, therefore, enabling you to avail services from other network providers. This process generally takes 2-7 days to complete depending on the firm you choose. Some firms take a long time; some do it in a short time while others do not have basic services like customer care. Make sure you judiciously choose a IMEI unlocker which unlocks your phone and provides a customer support to sort your issues. On completion of this process, the provider would mail you a code in your registered email id which would enable you to unlock your phone permanently and avail services of any provider you like. Happy Surfing!.