How can Social Media Impact your YouTube Views?


Social media has the power to make a career or break a career. Social media is a powerful platform that has enabled many people to rise up and propagate their ideas about some cause or become famous with their own talents. The number of likes and shares that a person gets helps them reach more and more people which develop their fan base exponentially. This is one of the crucial reasons why talented YouTube artists must take the help of social media to increase their fan base. However, the YouTube videos must have an attractive image to get people interested in those videos and this is possible by converting your YouTube videos Facebook thumbnail.

Good quality thumbnails with catchy dialogues or questions can help a user garner more views from the audience. These are the correct ways to increase the views on your YouTube videos, but it is not a Herculean task, which is why they have been broken down into some steps which will get you the views that will make you upload more videos.

1. A customized thumbnail

Luring the audience through the enticing material and striking thumbnails can help you with your cause. Uploading the video is undoubtedly a crucial task; however, the thumbnail used to represent it is also aesthetically crucial. It must be edited properly and should be of the highest quality so that the audience is interested. Action shots, bright and vibrant colours, images with creative edits, and funny slogans or puns can hit the nail. These images differ vastly from the images people see in their daily lives and the YouTube to Facebook converter is a special tool that will help you propagate your videos on social media. The last thing that will compel your viewers to watch the video is a slogan or a question that directly reaches their hearts. Bombarding their social media regularly will increase the probability of views and shares of your videos.

2. Subject utilisation

What make a video run is the viewers and their opinions. The subject of your video could be anything ranging from your own self to your neighbour’s adorable baby. The thumbnail should encompass and capture your subject smartly. For example, if you are posting a series of dog videos, you need to ensure that your thumbnail has a variety of adorable dogs that cater to the ‘dog person’ community. The pictures should be of a high quality and must include amazing content.

3. Titles and phrases that cross the bar

A good phrase, idiom, pun, scathing one-liners, or a cheesy dialogue can elicit various emotions in your target audience. This is essential, especially if your video has been developed in order to support a cause or stand up for one. The emotions that a viewer feels when they view your thumbnail should be the emotions that will help you promote your video extensively. The phrases should have relevance and semblance with your videos and should summarize the video or trailer in a few words. You can also ask scathing questions which will make the viewers’ curious about the content of your video.