Helpful Tips for Building an Online Store


Creating an online store can be a very time- and money-intensive process if it isn’t done correctly from the beginning. Whether you are adding your online store to an existing site for your business or building your online store alongside your new website, it is important that you know what an online store truly needs to be successful. Fortunately, here you will find a few tips to make the process easier. If your online store is built correctly, you’ll not only find an entirely new market to sell to, you’ll even be able to avoid the problem of abandoned carts.

  1. Don’t Require Registration or Subscription

This is almost always the reason that businesses lose potential sales and customers. The average consumer wants to make their purchase as quickly and easily as possible, and requiring your customer to sign up for your site or subscribe to your newsletter or blog almost guarantees that they will find their desired product elsewhere. Think of it from the customer’s perspective– what if you went shopping groceries, but were forced to sign up for junk mail in order to buy them at the checkout stand?

  1. Make the process minimal, but thorough

If you’re going to build an online store, customers want to know what they’re getting, how they’re getting it, and how much they’re being charged, plain and simple. Your products should have clear, high-resolution images of the product on a plain backdrop– white backdrops convey a sense of professionalism and neatness. Your products should only be about 10 to 15 per page, and the image should be large enough to see the product in detail. Have specific descriptions for each of your products– weight, length, width, color, materials, care, etc.

The checkout process is important, too. Shopping carts with too many buttons and options can really scare off online buyers. Limiting your purchase process to four steps or less is generally the best way to keep things simple. Creating specific error messages, such as “your last name is required”, also helps– otherwise your customer will be left trying to figure out what they filled out wrong when they hit submit. Make sure that the text entry fields line up as well, for a neater appearance.

  1. Make the process safe

If your site isn’t using some form of encryption to handle online purchases, it’s not only illegal, it’s highly unsafe. Be sure to use a secure connection for the entire checkout process, and let your customer know that their information is in good hands! Not only does it inspire confidence in your new customer, it also makes them more likely to return.

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