Data Science Certifications —Watch Out For These Hurdles


Data Science is emerging a trendy career for most of the millennials. Especially with the professionals who love playing with data – in any form. Be it raw, unstructured or gleaned, combed and structured data, both data analyst and data scientist love reading data to not only solve the problems but also to find problems as well.

So are you also planning to become a data scientist? If yes, then do read on –

In case you are planning to become a data scientist, then you need to know few things that would help you in becoming a successful data scientist.

  1. Know the beginners’ courses
  2. Don’t get bogged down by the choices
  3. Go step-by-step steadily and you would reach there
  4. Certifications are important

Data Science CertificationHow To Choose The Best Data Science Certifications

It is a given fact that certifications are important in your career growth. However, before certifications you need to have the right educational skills. The educational skills include your bachelor degree along with the courses that are mandatory, if you want to become a big data professional. Skills like mastering Data Science languages like SAS and R. As a data scientist you would need to be proficient in MySQL, MS SQL servers, No SQL database like HBase, Mongo DB, Couch DB, Cassandra among others.

It would be quite easy for you to feel bogged down by the number of courses available both online and offline. But you need to be firm and select the beginners’ course first before you think about specialization in any of the related data science field. You could take the help from industry experts and ensure to go for the courses that teach the basics in data science. Once your basics are mastered then you could think about specialization in the other related courses like Machine Learning.

Once you have acquired the beginners’ skills and qualification, you could start interning with some firms so that you have the necessary experience required to apply for data science certification.  Now when you are doing the certification courses, you would also feel confused by the number of courses available in the market.

Also, it is quite possible that you start losing interest half-way through your data science certification. So the expert’s advice is that you hang in there and finish your data science certification course. Once you are a certified data scientist you would not have any trouble in finding a job and further pursuing specialization to ensure you are on the path of progress.

You know about the hurdles you might face while going for a certification course, you also know how to overcome them. And now – how to choose the best data science certifications. But wait! How would you know which one is the best data science certification? The answer is quite simple –

  1. Research
  2. Networking
  3. Expert Reviews
  4. Recognition value of the certification body in the industry

Now let’s take each of the above-mentioned points or ways and find out how these methods would help you to choose the best data science certifications.

  1. Research: When you are doing research, you are exploring the validity of a particular data science certification. Research lets you know; which certification is highly recognized in an industry.
  2. Networking: Quite important in today’s workplace. Networking would bring you in contact of people who are already working as data scientist in an organization and would be able to give you valuable tips to procure the best data science certifications.
  3. Expert reviews: Industry experts keep sharing the views and reviews on the various certification bodies in detail. Read those reviews for a better understanding of which certification body is offering what certification and at what levels.

Recognition value of the certification body in the industry: When you would practice the first three steps, you would also come to know which of the certification body is highly recognized by the industry. And then depending on the other factors – like certification levels, experience required to apply for certification, — you would be able to make a sound decision.