Is your Netgear Range Extender properly connected to WiFi? Let’s have a Look


First of all, we would like to congratulate that you took a smarter decision of buying a range extender. This is the only source through which you can extend the existing WiFi range to the far corner of the house. Now, the question arises how to set up a Netgear range extender. Well, it’s not a big deal; you can do it easily if you do it if you stick to this post Yes, by the means of mywifiext you can make the installation and configuration of the device much easier.

Setup your Range Extender via Mywifiext Login

  • Place your range extender in the same room as of router and after that connect then both with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  • Next, take your devices away from doors and walls and plug them both into an electric outlet.
  • Do not forget to place nearby your computer so that you can connect your range extender with it.
  • After that, open a web browser and in the address bar type com. not working? Don’t worry; just enter the default IP address in the address bar instead of it.

If you are encountering brain-teasers during your range extender setup, then don’t delay in asking our tech support team. Moreover, we would like to ask you, is your range extender properly connected with the current WiFi network?

To check whether your range extender is properly connected to the WiFi or not, you have to:

  • Check your router and the modem whether they are updated by the latest version of technology or not.
  • Not only this, they are supposed to be connected strongly and physically with each other via Ethernet cable.
  • There shouldn’t be any interference of third-party WiFi devices, electronic gadgets, and metal appliances.
  • Your router shouldn’t be hidden. It supposed to be in the same room where you have placed your range extender.
  • Your WiFi devices especially router shouldn’t be overheated.

What do the LEDs on your devices indicate?


  • Green- Most excellent Connection
  • Amber- Excellent Connection
  • Red- Worst Connection
  • Off- No Connection (disable)


  • Solid Green- High-quality Connection
  • Amber Blue- Fine Connection
  • Solid Red- Deprived Connection
  • Disable- Off

Network LED:-

  • Solid Amber- Good quality Connection
  • Solid Green- Superior Connection
  • No LEDs (Off)- Disable

Main LED (WPS):-

  • Solid Green- WiFi safety is on
  • Blinking Green- In progress
  • Amber- Superior Connection
  • Disable (Off)- No connection

WiFi Protected Setup: Enable Security

  • Connect your range extender and the router.
  • Press and hold the WPS button on both the devices for 30 seconds and after that release it.
  • Now, grab your computer and connect your range extender with it.

Netgear Genie: Dealing with your Range Extender

Once you have connected your devices with each other, open a web browser and log in into Netgear genie setup page by typing into the address bar. After that, you are supposed to fill the username and password into the empty fields by default. In case you don’t have the login details, or you changed the security settings on your own and didn’t remember them, do not panic just have a word with our tech support team.

Once you got them, just rush and keep following the positive responses. Do not redirect or go back until it asks you to click finish.

Note: The words finish is related to the biggest success that you have achieved in the process of your installation.

Things to avoid and to follow:

  • After your process of installation comes to an end, move the extender to its intended place. But avoid signal interference of WiFi devices.
  • Keep all your devices up to date.
  • Place them in an airy, neat, cool and dry place.
  • Don’t make use of that Ethernet cable that is in poor condition and has cuts on it.
  • Do not enable public WiFi when the process of Netgear extender setup is going on.
  • Turn off all the metal appliances, electronic gadgets, and Bluetooth devices.

Extender texture:

  • Gives up to Gigabits speed without any signal breakage.
  • Follows each and every step of yours at every inch from courtyard to backyard of the house.
  • Always keep you updated, when a stranger tries to enter in your WiFi range.
  • Easily makes bonding with all your devices and always make them up and running.

We are here to share our views with users to make them rid of annoying troubleshooting situation. If you have any question regarding the same or any, do let us know in the comment box given below.