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Last month, I was very fortunate in the London headquarters of Alibaba for talks about China’s digital development and strategy from China’s leading eCommerce giant.

I have influenced the China scale and commerce global scale when it was a complete home with an increasing emotion and a growing sense of hope with the advent of e-commerce in the Middle East.

It is hard to explain but digital and e-works in China only feel possibly rich with it, to quote the head of Albaiba’s technology; ‘Human rights startup in connection with the application of the Internet At the beginning ‘.

Ecommerce is also at the beginning of the beginning.

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China’s work; the future is here

Ecommerce market in china

Many new Economy Secretaries are in collaboration with the traditional development model

China is not only the largest e-commerce market in the world but indeed it is the most interesting, innovative and unique in the world. It is setting up standards for the current and future global retail worldwide, making it an important market for study and understanding.

This success is tolerating mobile users behavior, innovative business model, reliable digital payment system and ‘retail retail’ through O2O (growing smooth fusion between online and offline experience).

E-commerce has increased the rise in fuel freight in physical retail space, the convenience of shopping in pollution, key areas, wide urban areas, and China’s popularity for online services in such a digital center.

World-wide globalization of China-e-commerce development has led to brands across the world and has succeeded in successful completion of a unique market.

Regarding the transfer of key ecommerce

According to Statista’s latest report, online sales in B2C e retail reached $ 403,458 billion, reaching $ 499,150 billion. Too much data but expected figures for 2022 consider $ 956 + billion dollars.

According to BNP preserver investor Chu Lu for China, it is the future to consider developing 6.9 per cent of GDP growth in 2017. “China’s economy is going to the stage of” creative destruction “, such as the e-commerce and online financial services sectors of the new economy, with emerging old economy sectors.

United Nations Security System; ‘New’ as ‘New’

China ecommerce is actually one of them (universal hackers guide reference). In China, the digital development happened within the ‘Great Firewall’ threshold, the barrier for external online services made a vacuum that we see today for interesting and unique e-commerce structure.

Platforms and services, designed to meet Chinese consumers, are now setting up Global Messenger for future work, which is the development of ‘new retail’.

In October, a letter to the shareholders, Alibaba chairman, Jack Mae, promised the term ‘new retail’.

Pure E-commerce will be reduced to a traditional business and will be replaced by the concept of ‘new retail’, online, offline, logistics and data integration into an individual price chain.

The smooth combination of offline and online is exactly what we are witnessing.

O2O (online to offline) online retail stores start offline locations in the country as well as physical stores online experiences as removing the ‘we’ to become a smooth process. Do not meet the experiences, not just a jumbo, but also an integral part of the consumer experience.

The new completion basically accepts

Increasing the speed of growth in China is often breathing, especially by referring to how to improve the conversation, to improve the new retail and make it more modern in this area. Adding The new retail basically works jointly with large database analysis, focuses on consumers experience.

The new Retail Mass is moving from a novel concept in the market. For example, Alibaba expects its current 20 hem cross stores to grow up to 2,000 in the next 3-5 years, as well as RT-Mart, Auchan, including new rail storage in Suning chains. Is.

Tencent also grows in this area because he invests in Digital integration with the likes of Carrefour and Venda Plaza, interact with non-reliable VVAT stores and attractive in mini-programs by chocolate labs. Talk about chat bits forward customer service

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