Know the Best Tool to Unlock Secured PDF for Copy Paste or Print

copy and paste from secured PDF

Searching for a solution copy data from protected PDF files. Then, go through the blog and learn the most essential techniques that helps you to unlock secured PDF for copy paste. But, before proceeding for the solution let’s know about PDF documents and some user queries.

Adobe System invented a file format to present and exchange documents reliably which is independent of software, hardware or an operating system, called PDF(Portable Document Format). It is designed in such a way that it allows to view, edit, print and manage files. PDF files not only contains images and text but also hyperlinks, embedded fonts, interactive buttons, video, and various added features. It is generally observed a PDF format file for eBooks, product manuals, brochures, scanned documents, etc. Due to its compatibility, it can also be accessed on hand-held devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. It can be easily shared and transferred between different devices. But, the question arises when a user needs rights to open an encrypted file. Considering this factor, this blog helps to know the possible reasons and the best tool to unlock secured PDF for copy paste process.

Instant Solution: If users want to unlock PDF file instantly for copying, printing or editing they can use SysTools PDF Unlocker. It is the simple software that can remove PDF protection in a just few seconds.

copy data from protected PDF

User Queries to Copy Data from Protected PDF

Let’s have a quick glance at the below-given query. It will help to know the various conditions prompting the users to unlock PDF files.

“I always dedicate some time to read books in spite of my busy schedule. Most of my ebooks are in PDF file. I need to take print of one of the ebook so that it will be handy all the time to read. But, when I click on the Print option, a pop-up message shows that the Print option is disabled. I don’t have the much technical knowledge to execute myself. So, please suggest some reliable tool, thanks in advance.”

“I received an e-copy of some important documents which is in PDF file format. I have downloaded the PDF file, but the document is password protected and I need to copy from it urgently. Is there some solution which helps me to copy data from password protected PDF files. Could anyone guide the process to remove password?”

Manual Trick to Unlock Secured PDF for Copy Paste

Based on the above-discussed scenarios, it is pretty much clear that there is always a need to unlock PDF documents protected for printing and copying for an easy accessibility. So, let’s understand some simple solutions which help users to edit, print or copy data from protected PDF:

Use Web Browser to Copy Data from Password Protected PDF Files

  • First of all, drag and drop the password protected PDF file to a web browser like Google Chrome
  • Now, Google Chrome will ask the password of the PDF file to open
  • So, enter the PDF password and hit the Enter button
  • After the PDF file is opened, click on Print icon which is on the extreme right corner of the page
  • Then, select Save as PDF option and click on the Save button
  • By this approach, a copy of the original PDF file will be saved which will not ask for a password to open
  • Also, by these steps, users can easily unlock secured PDF for copy paste or print

Tip: By enabling Google Cloud Print which can be seen at the bottom of the page. One can select Save to Google Drive option which will allow saving the PDF file directly to Google Drive without asking for a password.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • In some documents, the Print option is disabled which does not allow to save and copy the document
  • Does not remove PDF protection in batch. It allows only a single file at a time for password removal
  • A single file can be processed at a time. Hence, takes more time to remove PDF password one by one

Automated Trick to Unlock Secured PDF for Copy Paste

A user can use the manual method, but due to it’s few shortcomings which are discussed above. It is advised to switch to a professional tool named, SysTools PDF Unlocker software. This tool is specially developed to remove known user password & allows users to print, edit or copy data from protected PDF. It is capable to remove owner level password security and allows a batch process to remove PDF protection. This tool is efficient enough to remove the sign, extract, or comment restrictions from PDF file.

How Software Allows Users Copy Data from Protected PDF

  • Firstly, download the software to unlock secured PDF for copy paste
  • Launch the software and add the restricted PDF file to remove the restrictions
  • After the files are loaded, it will display all the restrictions associated with the PDF file
  • Click Browse and select the desired location to save the unrestricted file and click Unlock PDF button
  • Finally, all the restrictions have been removed from the PDF which can be seen when opened in Adobe software


By reading this blog, one can use either way i.e. manual or professional method to unlock PDF documents protected for printing and copying. Due to data complexity and other factors can limit the usage of the manual approach. Hence, it is advised to download and install PDF Unlocker software. It is an immediate solution to unlock secured PDF for copy paste. It helps to remove all kinds of restrictions from the PDF file. In addition to that, this tool is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system to copy data from protected PDF.