Cable Joints manufacturing companies are all ISO certified authorised companies which develop and manufactures not only Cable Joint solutions, but also Hear Shrink, Cold Shrunk Cable joints, and terminators, composite polymer insulators, power cable accessory, polymer cut out fuses, polymer surge arrestors, player air break switches and other products which are necessary for transmission and distribution. Various other power cable accessories are used by them.

This manufacturing chain’s workforce ensures proper management of both national and international clients so that there arises no problem and every action is carried out with proper compliance. The unique thing about these companies is how skillfully and brilliantly they can manufacture their products and that too quality standard ones meeting the needs of the customers.

The company’s vision is towards expanding its business while connecting with more and more customers. They work towards their inventions and provide a prosperous and bright future for all the employees working under them. The various kind of Cable Jointing kits manufactured by these companies are as follows :

  1. Heat Shrinkable Joints – These are suitable for both indoor and outdoor termination of single and 3 core cables. This product is extensively used by various industries which require low, medium and high voltage. The heat shrinkable joint kits consist of – Straight Through Joints Suitable 1 core / 3 core XLPE/EPR/PVC installed cables upto 36 kV or Straight Through Joints Suitable for PVC/XLPE/PILC cables up to 3.3 kV. Transition Joints Suitable for 3 core XLPE/PILC cables up to 12 kV.
  2. Cold shrinkable terminators – These cold shrinkable terminators are made of liquid silicon rubber material so that they can give a high-class performance. Their shrinkable terminators are easy to install in a short time. They can accommodate every type of conductors and cables. Mechanical shear head type & compression type lugs can be supplied to them. They are not flammable.
  3. Cold Shrinkable Joints – They are used for 1 & 3 core straight termination XLPE/EPR/PVC/ ELASTOMERIC cables. These cold shrink terminators are used to splice LV and MV cables and are widely preferred for the purpose. They have outstanding weathering and UV zone resistance. They are hydrophobic along with being non-inflammable. These joints can use a series of pre-stretched components while assembling them into the spiral core.
  4. Heat Shrinkable Terminators – They are similar in characteristics to Hot Shrinkable Joints. In function, however, they are a bit different. Heat shrinkable terminators are suitable for 3 cire XLPE / EOR insulated cables up to 36 kV. Heat shrinkable terminators are also fit for 3 cire paper insulated lead covered MND cables up to 36 kV.

These brands of cable jointing kits are trusted by customers worldwide. They subject their products to rigorous testing in the lab to check out their compatibility or any flaw that has been incurred in the product unknowingly and as a result, their products are always genuine and best, which are appreciated by their clients. They also manufacture their products with the most efficient state of art technology.