Key challenges in Android app development for games


The rising adoption of Android evidences that it has become one of the most popular operating systems among users. However, truth is absolutely different. Android developers are aware of this truth. Developers, who deal with graphics in the developments, experience several challenges. Most of the developers are not happy with Google’s Android graphical support. In fact, Android is not an easy platform for those who want to use lots of graphics in their apps, especially games.

  • Android’s graphic support has been a hot issue. Developers say that Android is just a loathsome OS when it comes to build gaming apps. However, they cannot stop building apps even if there are issues with the OS. Because Android is a dominating mobile platform, developers have no choice but to keep building apps for it.
  • Google has provided a dedicated page on its official website for developers. According to this page, Google expect from developers making their apps with three goals which include Simplify Me, Enchant Met and Make me amazing. The page explains each of them in detail.
  • However, the company like Apple has also faced similar challenge in its early years. But now it has resolved the issues. Apple continuously updates its platform to fit a number of types of games. This also attracts PC developers who are nowadays concentrating on iOS based game development projects.
  • The Android OS also creates hardware related issues. There are games that require specific kind of hardware environment. Without the hardware, either these games work too slow or do not work at all. Tegra and Snapdragon are names to two majorly used chips. These chips are used in mobile devices for ARM architecture central processing unit, graphics processing unit, memory controller, Northbridge and Southbridge onto one package.
  • With these chips, devices decrease power consumption and deliver excellent performance. But the big problem is that not all Android devices are made by single company and thus some makers use these chips while others use cheap hardware. So games that require support of these chips will not run without them.
  • Mobile application development firms keep suggesting that there is need of Google to take some strong steps for both graphics and hardware related issues. The time has come when Android is just not a test software. It is now world’s top mobile platform with about 85 percent market share. Google needs to improve Android for all its drawbacks because developers will not be able survive in the market if they do not build apps for Android.